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Where you buy your clothes has the power to change the world

I'M Ellie, and Iā€™m SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE.

Why should we care about where our clothes come from? 

If you haven't seen The True Cost (it's on Netflix), go watch that right now and I guarantee your perspective on clothing will be forever changed. Head over to this post on the blog for a bite-sized introduction to why where we buy clothes matters. 


So, you've decided to shop ethically but it seems expensive and you don't know where to start...

I've been in your shoes. There are hundreds of brands for guys, gals and kids listed here on Selflessly Styled. Before you start shopping, give these two blog posts a read to help you navigate the "sticker shock" of ethical shopping:


Nervous about how ethical shopping may impact your relationships? (i.e. you don't want to look like a brand snob)

Choosing to shop intentionally doesn't have to turn you into a pretentious person! Read about how I navigate this lifestyle without alienating those who don't share my conviction:


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