What I'm Packing for 10 Days in the Philippines

Selflessly Styled Packing List

As I type this, I am literally just hours away from hopping on my flight to the Philippines for an incredible adventure! (Follow along on my social media if you want!) 

I'll be on the ground for 10 days and am only bringing a large backpack and a purse. Whew. Never thought I'd get to this level of streamlined packing! Stay tuned for the verdict on whether I overpacked, under-packed, or got it just right.

I used to always make purchases for big trips, especially when going to tropical locations with lots of outdoor activities. I had the mentality that I should buy and bring things that I wouldn't care about throwing away if they got ruined. I now recognize that as a thought process of a "throwaway society" and one that I'm pushing back against.

In full transparency, I did add a few items to my closet for this trip:

  • A pair of sneakers that I can hike in

  • A rain coat (which I found secondhand!)

  • A one piece swimsuit

(Each of those items were pieces that I will use in my life back at home as well and not something disposable.)

Everything else coming on this trip already lives in my wardrobe and I'm excited to take them on a new adventure! It's quite fun to look at an item in my closet and recount all the places it's gone with me. For example, the same pair of leggings that I'm bringing on this trip have been to Europe and South + Central America with me on previous trips. Their fabric holds the memories of far-away places as I slip them on for yoga in my daily life at home. 

Here's what I'm bringing: