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The other day, someone jokingly said "It must be fun being a style consultant... you get paid to critique the way people dress!" I laughed, but realized that this is often the real perception people have, and it's so far from what consulting actually entails in my case. I struggle a bit with the label "style consultant" because it paints a picture that's very different from what I'm all about.

So what do I actually do when you book a consultation with me?


1. I ask a lot of questions 

Instead of swooping in and telling you what to wear, I ask question after question to help guide you into discovering true style for yourself. My questions are strategic but always leave you in control. I'll encourage you to try new things, but only once you've identified the look that portrays you best. 


2. I take time to understand and appreciate your lifestyle

It's pointless to discover your style if the clothes aren't functional in your everyday life. I guide you to find the perfect marriage between your aesthetic and the practicality of your clothing. I will never point you towards items that will make you resent your stage of life. Every stage of life has it's own beauty, and clothes can be one way to unpack the unique beauty of yours.


3. I help you unclutter

Instead of just telling you what to add to your closet, I start by helping you find value in what you already own and then free you to let go of superfluous items. This is a practical process, but also so much more than that. It's an exercise in turning towards contentment and away from consumerism. 


4. I respect your budget

Ethical shopping is a worthwhile investment, but I never want to push you to spend outside of your means. I help you identify which items are worth investing in new and which items can be easily acquires secondhand. I also help you discover ethical brands that are more affordable than you may expect! 


5. I teach you how to shop 

During our time together, I share all the secrets I've learned when it comes to strategically shopping. I want you to feel empowered to be your own "style consultant" by the time we're done. 


6. I remain open to your unique needs

So you don't feel ready to go through your entire closet yet? Totally fine. I am down to help strategically pack for your next trip, plan just a few outfits for the upcoming season, etc.

I'm absolutely thrilled about helpful with anything that has to do with your intentional wardrobe!


Style consulting is about so much more than telling you to wear a different outfit.

It's about giving you the tools you need to maximize the wonderful tool of clothing when it comes to self expression.

It's about helping you realize that you can shop ethically on a budget.

It's about helping you feel amazing in the clothes you wear so that you can focus on what you're truly passionate about. 

Read about Madeline's consultation experience:

For as long as I can remember shopping has always been a source of entertainment and stress relief. Many times if a store I liked was having a sale, I felt obligated to go and buy things. If something was a good deal and in my size, I had to have it! Before I knew it I had so many clothes I barely knew what I owned. I also found myself in the morning staring at my closet feeling like I had nothing to wear. Ironic, I know!

I met Ellie and learned that we have a very similar shopping history. She told me about her minimalist closet, and how it helped with her compulsive shopping. I knew that I had to at least give it a try! Ellie helped me go through each item in my closet piece by piece. She helped me see my wardrobe as a cohesive group, instead of random pieces that don’t go together. She has a knack for putting outfits together that I would have never thought of. Yet, are totally my style! At the end of the process, I realized that the items I ended up with are what I was wearing most of the time anyways. Turns out, I was only wearing about 25% of my closet.

My closet is now organized, clutter free, and it is way less stressful to pick out outfits. I actually feel like I have more options! When I go shopping, I am intentional about what I buy. Ellie’s help was exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t have done it without her. This experience has been life changing and I can’t thank her enough. I am never going back!
— Madeline Andrews, Selflessly Styled Client


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