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Minimalist Capsule Closet
VETTA | minimalist capsule

I took a minimalist challenge for the month of October to only wear the five garments from Vetta's Minimal Capsule and five pairs of shoes for thirty days. You can ask my husband, I really stuck to this commitment and didn't cheat once! 

(Make sure you read all the way to the end for a list of the shoes and accessories that I chose to accompany these pieces!)

I thought it would be helpful to give you my evaluation of each individual garment in Vetta's Minimal Capsule before I show you all thirty outfits that I rocked for the month. Ready? Let's go!

The Convertible Shirt Dress

Vetta minimal capsule

How it works

This ingenious design is a button down shirt that has a zipper at the hip which allows you to seamlessly attach the lower half of the shirt dress. The lower half is lined so that you don't need a slip when you're wearing it alone as a dress. 

Overall impression

I really enjoyed this as a crop top more than a dress. I think in warmer weather I will experiment with it as a dress more often. It says that it's dry clean only, but I washed it on cold and hung it to dry - it looks just fine! 

Notes on Sizing

I am wearing a size small and typically wear a size 4 in tops. Fits true to size. 

Who should buy it

The gal who is looking for the perfect boxy white crop top is sure to love this classic piece. It's an excellent layering piece and doesn't feel "stuffy" or "office-y" even when buttoned all the way up. Those who have a less-curvy build will also find this to be a super flattering shirt dress. 

Who shouldn't buy it

Ladies who are curvier in the hip-region (i.e. myself) may not find this to be the most flattering when worn as a dress. I much preferred the top worn alone, however I do love how the dress looks on other women! This also may not be the best purchase for a mom of little ones who needs the ability to wash items often or cover stains - but let's be honest, is there any white shirt that's good for a spill-prone stage of life? 



Vetta Minimal Capsule

The Reversible Jumper Dress

Vetta Reversible Jumper

How it works

One side is denim, the other side is black, and the shoulders have two length options which are adjusted by subtly placed buttons. Not only can it be worn inside-out, the jumper dress can also be spun around giving you the option of a higher neckline or a U neck. 

Overall impression

Words can't express how much I love this dress. To be honest, it wasn't originally the piece that I was most excited to receive from this capsule, but it immediately became a favorite once I actually put it on. It looks great layered with tights or black pants in cooler weather!

Notes on Sizing

I am wearing a size small and typically wear a size 4 in dresses. Fits true to size. 

Vetta Reversible Dress | Minimal Capsule

Who should buy it

The gal who is craving versatility in her closet will swoon over this piece. I personally think that this would be a really great item during the first few stages of pregnancy. It's flattering on multiple body types and is really easy to care for. While I haven't washed it yet, I've been able to easily wipe off little spills during my month long challenge. Animal lovers like myself will be pleased that it's easy to brush fur off of! 

Who shouldn't buy it

Ladies who are taller than 5' 10" might not be comfortable wearing this without leggings as it is a pretty short dress. (I am 5' 8" for reference.) 



The Stretch Ankle Pants

Black Pants | Vetta Minimal Capsule Review

Who should buy Them

The gal who can't wear jeans to work, but needs to feel comfortable will be obsessed with these. I wish I'd owned a pair of these back when I worked in banking, they would have been my go-to work pant! These are also an ideal pant for traveling, if you're a frequent flyer or even just spend a lot of time in the car, these are going to be your new best friend.

Who shouldn't buy Them

Ladies who are shorter than 5'5" might need to get these altered a bit to be the right length. Certain types of underwear will show lines with these, so if you are not a thong-wearer, be warned. Also, I do think it's important to note that the zipper is visible on the side - while I love the look, it's not for everyone. 

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How They Work

While there's no magical color-changing feature about these pants, they are truly a closet classic. Ponte fabric means that they're thick yet stretchy, and the lines down the front and a thick waistband make them super flattering. 

Overall impression

I'm really loving how these looks with fall outfits as opposed to black denim. While I adore denim, these are just one step up when it comes to chic-ness and comfort. I ended up cuffing them whenever I paired them with boots, but they look great worn at full length as well. 

Notes on Sizing

I am wearing a size small and typically wear a size 28 in pants. Fit true to size. 

Black Pants | Vetta Minimal Capsule

The Oversized Sweater

Black Cardigan | VETTA

How it works

Brilliantly designed, this sweater can be worn as a cardigan, or it can be flipped around to be buttoned in the back and have a crew neck in the front. In addition, there is a detachable turtleneck option which can be buttoned on at the neck. 

Overall impression

I was so excited about the different ways to wear this sweater, though I've found that I mostly stick to wearing it as a crew neck. The turtleneck attachment is quite large and I'm still trying to figure out how to style it. The material is very sturdy, this sweater was built to last!

Notes on Sizing

I am wearing a size small and typically wear a size 4 in tops. Fits true to size, but is intentionally oversized.

Who should buy it

The gal who loves getting lost in a deliciously large sweater will swoon over this design. I think this is another piece in the collection that would work super well as a maternity piece because you could unbutton it and wear it as a cardigan when you're about to pop! This is also a great option for travelers as it doesn't need to be washed often and can be worn a variety of ways. 

Who shouldn't buy it

Ladies who tend to carry their weight on the lower half of their body (i.e. myself) may not love the fit. When your slimmest point is in your upper body, sometimes a large sweater can make you feel larger than you really are. However, this is a personal preference.


Black Sweater | Vetta Minimal Capsule

The Long Cardigan

Grey Cardigan | VETTA

How it works

This perfect sweater can be worn as a dress with buttons in the front or the back, and also has the option of being worn as an open cardigan. It comes with a matching sash, which looks great when you're wearing the cardigan as a dress. 

Overall impression

I absolutely love this piece. I think it looks wonderful layered over a simple black dress, but also is the cutest sweater dress I ever did see. The fabric is a little stretchy and very sturdy but comfortable. 

Notes on Sizing

I am wearing a size small and typically wear a size 4 in tops. I wish I had ordered a medium as this seems to run a bit small specifically at the bust. 

Grey Sweater Dress | VETTA

Who should buy it

The gal who is all about the layers will find herself reaching for this over and over. It's a wardrobe staple for cool-weather chicks, and I know I'll be wearing mine all year long. 

Who shouldn't buy it

Ladies who are under 5'5" may find this a bit too long for their liking. Also, as the buttons are small, ladies who are particularly busty will likely feel uncomfortable wearing this buttoned up as a dress without anything under it (no one wants to feel a dress popping open on them!) 

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Overall assessment of the capsule: 

This is an incredibly well made capsule. I can't imagine another five items of clothing that would have gotten me through this challenge so seamlessly. I'll be honest with you, I was missing the rest of my closet pretty keenly by the end of the month. However, I am by no means "sick" of anything in this capsule. If anything, I'm just excited to integrate it into the rest of my wardrobe! 

And now, take a look at all thirty outfits I wore for the month...

Shoe selection

I limited myself to 5 pairs of shoes for the month:

  • Bryr Clogs | These are some of my favorite shoes and really elevated the look of the jumper dress! (See full review of Bryr here)

  • Sseko Crossover Slides | I only wore these one day of the challenge because my toes got too cold, but I do wear them all the time around the house and basically non-stop during the warmer months. (Purchase here)

  • Nisolo Dari Boot |By far my most-worn shoe of the season, these are the perfect boot in my book. They are super comfortable for all day wear and look oh so chic. (Purchase here)

  • Nisolo Elayna Sneaker | I can't get enough of these latte colored sneakers! They have been going strong in my closet for months now, and I keep finding new ways to style them. (Purchase here)

  • Nisolo Ava Ballerina Flat | A truly classic shoe, this black flat is out of stock but you can find it in different colors on Nisolo's website. (See full review of the flats here)

Equal Uprise Hat

Hats + Purses

I wore the Round Top (Black) Hat and Flat Top Straw Hat from Equal Uprise so much during this challenge. In fact, I'm wearing that black hat right now as I type! They are easily my favorite hats that I've ever owned. I can't wear the straw hat in the rain, but the wool black hat is going to get me through this entire rainy season in Portland. I can't recommend them enough.

P.S. If you're one of those girls who says "I love how hats look on other people, but I can't pull them off..." You are wrong. I've worked with so many styling clients who said that only to find that they look incredible wearing hats!

You may have noticed a sleek little black purse in the majority of my outfit photos, it's from an amazing brand called Velé can read my interview with the founder here!  (Psst, grab a 20% discount over on this page!) 

Comfy Clothes

Organic Cotton Pajamas | ethically made

In addition to sticking to my challenge of only wearing the five Vetta pieces during the day, I also was committed to keeping my comfy clothes confined to only a few pieces. For working out, I stuck to my Girlfriend Collective Black Leggings and Free Label Reversible Bra

At bedtime, I enjoyed this crisp organic cotton white pajama set from The Summer House. I wrote in this post about why having a good set of pajamas can actually be important for the rest of your style as well. This set from Summer House is so classic and surprisingly affordable for organic cotton that's ethically made. 

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

What's your favorite look from this series? Would you ever try a minimalist challenge like this? Tell me your thoughts!