this makeup bag fights human trafficking

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I recently learned of Malia Designs and am so inspired by their mission. The brand was formed to increase economic opportunity for women in Cambodia and to support organizations that fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Company that fights human trafficking

All of their products are made by fair trade producer groups that employ disadvantaged people in Cambodia. By bringing their crafts to Western markets, they can expand their access to sustainable income. Malia Designs believes that one way to counteract human trafficking is to increase access to economic opportunity in the most affected areas.

You can learn more about human trafficking here, see who Malia Designs donates to here, and learn about an anti-trafficking nonprofit that Malia Designs started here! They are so clearly committed to their mission. 

I also appreciate that a lot of their products are created using recycled materials; this helps reduce the amount of waste in the industry. It also allows them to keep their prices really low for consumers!

Recycled Cosmetic Case

cute cosmetic case
recycled cosmetic bag

You want to know something cool? This cosmetic case is made from repurposed cement bags! I never knew that cement bags could have such cute patterns on them. Elephants have always been my favorite animal, so when I saw this makeup bag, I was so excited to try it! 

The bag is the perfect size for holding all of my makeup. Previously, I had my supplies split into three smaller bags which wasn't very convenient when I'm rushing to get ready in the morning. The recycled material is easy to keep clean and can be wiped down if anything spills on it - this is a huge plus when it comes to a bag that's carrying cosmetics. 

Cost $22 USD

elephant pattern makeup bag
cute cosmetic case

Recycled Laundry Bin

recycled flexible laundry hamper

I also absolutely love this recycled laundry bin. It's super sturdy and the handles are secured well enough to carry a heavy load. This sort of bin is ideal for those who live in small spaces since you can flatten it into a corner of your closet until it fills with garments. Another nice quality about this is that it doesn't absorb any odor from dirty clothes. It's waterproof and super easy to wipe down. 

In addition to laundry, you can use this for storing extra blankets, toys for kids, etc. Check out more patterns here.

Cost: $32 USD

What's in my makeup bag

all natural makeup

I love being open about my real life with you all. Recently, I shared exactly what's in my closet, and now I'm showing you exactly what's in my makeup bag! At the start of the year, I resolved to "clean up" my beauty routine and only use natural products. I'll be honest with you, that hasn't been an easy process. I have really sensitive (angry) skin, and a lot of the natural foundations I tried led to some terrible breakouts. No fun. "Natural" is not always synonymous with "high quality" when it comes to makeup. Lesson learned.

The past few weeks, I've finally narrowed down the products I use to natural options that actually work, and my skin is finally getting back to normal. (I owe a lot of my skin's recent healing to the amazing natural skincare line Berlin Skin.)

Without further adieu, here is the complete list of natural makeup that I'm currently using:

natural makeup and cute cosmetic case

After typing that out, I realize just how much I love Pacifica! (no, they didn't pay me to say that) You can order their products online, or pick them up at select stores. I purchase mine at my local New Seasons grocery store. I do not recommend Pacifica's foundation, it made my skin really angry. Everything else of theirs is great from my experience! 

My Routine:

Each morning, I use Berlin Skin's trio, apply my makeup products in the order they are listed above, and set my makeup with a spritz of cocokind rosewater toner


What are some of your favorite natural cosmetics?

Please share in the comments below!