The Greenest Bag I've Ever Met

Sustainable beach tote
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It's pretty rare to come across a fashion brand doing something that is completely unlike any process I've seen before, but Remember Me Green is doing just that! Based in New York City, this eco-friendly bag brand is combining creativity with sustainability.

How are they doing it? 


Remember Me Green turns NYC's colorful billboards into one-of-a-kind upcycled bags instead of allowing the monstrous works of art to rot in landfills. Absolutely genius.

Something that stands out to me in this process is the way this brand is bringing new life to discarded advertisements that often promote wasteful consumption. They're redeeming one aspect of a very wasteful industry and doing so in a super creative way!

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from an upcycled vinyl bag. The texture is much thicker and sturdier than I expected it to be! This is not your average flimsy tote. These bags hold their shape and can carry any weight you put in them. 

upcycled beach tote
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I'm carrying one of their medium totes and a zipper pouch in these photos. It was so much fun getting to peruse their website and see all the various patterns offered. I selected a pretty neutral look (no surprise there!), but there are some really colorful and fashion-forward options for more adventurous babes! 


I had all of my toiletries in the zipper pouch for our coastal getaway last week, and one of my face serums leaked all over. While the mess was inconvenient, I was delightfully surprised to realize that the lining of the bag is easy to wipe off and completely spill (or leak) proof! For any moms reading this, one of these upcycled bags would be a perfect tote for carrying your kiddo's snacks or various potentially sticky treasures. 

sustainable beach tote
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Go check out all the cool bags that Remember Me Green offers, and keep them in mind next time you need to invest in a sturdy tote or pouch! Side note, every product comes with a scannable QR code so that you can trace back your bag to its unique source. How cool is that?!

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Who should buy this: I think this bag is great for beach-goers and moms due to it's easily wipeable surface. 

Who shouldn't buy this: If you don't like a "shiny" look on your bags, you won't love this material. 

*This post was sponsored by Remember Me Green. As with all product reviews, the brand was fully vetted by Selflessly Styled prior to collaboration and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are an accurate reflection of my experience with the product. I will always be honest with you!