the ethical jacket you can do anything in

versatile black vegan leather jacket (ethically made)

A sleek black jacket.

It's such a wardrobe staple.

Finding the right one can be so difficult, especially one that is high quality and fits in a flattering way. 

There's a new brand on the ethical fashion scene that has gone through painstaking efforts to create the perfect jacket for us ladies. It's appropriately called the "Do Anything Jacket" due to its extreme versatility. 

Why am I so excited about it? I'm glad you asked.

practical female empowerment

Brevity partners exclusively with ethical women-owned factories in the USA. The garment industry a male-dominated field, so it's taken a lot of research and intentionality to make this happen. The founder of Brevity is passionate about empowering women, and she's put her money where her mouth is as a business owner. 

Unparalleled Comfort

I wish I could put a fabric swatch in your hand right now. The jacket is made of buttery soft vegan leather that stretches in the most moveable way. It's fully lined with a fabric that feels like fairy breath (I need to come up with less creepy imagery) so you can wear it over bare arms all day and not get that terrible leather-sticking-to-your-skin feeling. The jacket arms have panels of stretch material that leave you completely unencumbered when you need to reach for something. 

Low-Maintenance Care

No dry cleaning required. Need I say more? I'll say more anyway. The moisture-wicking fabric allows you to easily wipe off spills, and you can machine wash it on cold when necessary. I accidentally splattered some makeup on my jacket the first day I wore it, and it wiped right off! Never underestimate the value of a low-maintenance piece of clothing, especially when it comes to outerwear. 

Flattering Design 

The cut of this jacket is so unbelievably well thought out. It's long enough to not be considered a "cropped jacket" but short enough to show off your hips in a flattering way. The cut almost reminds me of a modern blazer and would be absolutely perfect in an office environment. That's what makes this piece so great, it can be worn with a blouse to work, over your workout gear for street style, paired with a dress for date night, and the list goes on! 

ethical black vegan leather jacket for the office

This jacket is the kind of item that is worth saving up for, I guarantee it will become something you reach for everyday and feel amazing in. I can't wait to take my Do Anything Jacket across the globe this summer, it's going to make the comfiest and most stylish travel outfit ever!

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  • Made: ethically made in the USA (all women-owned factories) 
  • Where to Buy: online only
  • Notes: I am 5'8" and wearing a size small. I opted for a small because I wanted it to be fitted, but a medium would give a looser feel. 

Who should buy this: Women who bounce from one thing to another and are looking for a jacket that can help them feel confident in any setting, will love this! 

Who shouldn't buy this: Those who are over a size 14-16 may not love the fit of this jacket.