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A Chat With Alison Knox: Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Expert

It's no secret that I truly and deeply believe that a good grasp of personal style is essential for moving towards true "slow fashion" and conscious consumerism. I am beyond elated to introduce you to Alison Knox. Alison is a personal stylist who works in both Portland and San Francisco. I've been lucky enough to become friends with Alison over the last several months and am in awe of the skill she has for helping both men and women discover their true style, and in many cases, their true identity. 

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A New Method for Exploring Personal Style Without Breaking the Bank (or the planet)

We can pin all the pins on Pinterest, but we have to explore items on ourselves and observe how we feel in them to truly understand what types of clothing best express our style. Sure, we can read style blogs and follow the helpful formulas that stylists have created, but at the end of the day, we've got to get the garments off the screen and onto our own bodies. How do we do this sustainably... and on a budget?

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Managing Your Wardrobe When Your Weight Fluctuates

The weather starts to turn and I pull out my favorite pair of jeans. Slipping my feet through the legs, I begin to pull them up and suddenly feel that awful resistance. I fight for a full minute to coerce the jeans over my thighs and booty only to face another brutal battle when it comes to the zipper. 

I feel betrayed by the jeans, but that quickly turns into feeling betrayed by my own body. 

They used to fit. 

My body used to be acceptable to these jeans. 

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What I'm Packing for 17 Days in Europe

The hubs and I are headed to Europe for a few weeks and I could not be more excited! 

We're hitting four different countries: Estonia, Sweden, France and Germany. According to my weather app, we'll need to be prepared for everything from rainy days to blazing sun. In previous years, a trip like this would inevitably leave me throwing everything possible into the biggest suitcase I could carry, but I'm finding that a simplified wardrobe at home carries over into a simplified packing list.

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Going Deeper Than Ethical Fashion

When I stepped into this field, I was solely focused on the social justice aspect of fashion. I was (and am) determined to empower consumers to redirect their purchases in order to transform the industry. As I've dialogued with readers and clients, I've become keenly aware that there are aspects of "healthy fashion" that go much deeper than purchasing from ethical brands. 

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secondhand vs. splurge

Most of us are on some sort of a budget, especially when it comes to clothing. With the higher price-tag of ethical items, shopping secondhand is a great way to save some cash without supporting fast-fashion. However, if you have the ability to save up and buy something new, it can be a wonderful investment in your wardrobe. This post is dedicated to helping you determine what items are truly worth buying new and what items can easily be found secondhand! 

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what I actually do as a style consultant

The other day, someone jokingly said "It must be fun being a style consultant... you get paid to critique the way people dress!" I laughed, but realized that this is often the real perception people have, and it's so far from what consulting actually entails in my case. I struggle a bit with the label "style consultant" because it paints a picture that's very different from what I'm all about.

So what do I actually do when you book a consultation with me?

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my year-round minimal ethical wardrobe

I'm constantly talking about how beneficial it is to curate an intentional closet, but what does that actually look like?

I decided to share my complete wardrobe as a practical example. Keep in mind, this is not a formula to replicate. Take the time to find what works for you, but use this as inspiration to know that you really can achieve high functioning ethical style without an overflowing closet. 

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5 questions I ask myself before buying a garment

The season is beginning to shift, which means we're entering a phase of reevaluating our wardrobes to match the impending change in weather. No matter what time of year it is, taking time to be thoughtful about the items we purchase is always a good practice. This may be more important than ever with advertisements for spring clothing everywhere we turn! 

Here are five questions that I ask myself before making a purchase:

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the trick to not getting bored with your minimal wardrobe

Some people are drawn to the idea of wearing the same uniform everyday. If that's you, then you probably have no problem with the idea of a small "capsule" or minimal wardrobe. However, many of us get bored with the predictability of what most capsule wardrobes look like these days.

When I first simplified my closet, the items that I kept reflected what Pinterest told me I needed...and I ended up hating it. 

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How to Responsibly Get Rid of Old Clothes

I love a good closet purge.

Now that I shop responsibly (and way less frequently), I don't have to clean out my closet very often. However, there inevitably comes a time when something is too worn or doesn't fit me anymore. 

While getting rid of unwanted clothing is personally helpful, I want to make sure I'm doing it in a way that isn't wasteful or damaging to the environment. 

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how to avoid over-shopping for your next vacation

Have you ever found yourself acquiring new clothes for a trip, only to find you don't wear them in your everyday life? Sometimes it's necessary, but I'm becoming increasingly convinced that most trips can be taken using what we already have in our closets. 

Read on to find my tips for avoiding over-shopping and see how I made my Northwest wardrobe work for a recent tropical vacation.

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