Sunday Slowdown | Edition V | Solitude + Opportunities with Selflessly Styled



S     L     O     W     D     O     W     N

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happy sunday

let's slow down a little, shall we? 


selflessly styled

I'm considering some big changes in the way this blog operates... it's rather exciting! With that being said, if you're interested in being a part of what Selflessly Styled is all about (ethical fashion, a healthier relationship with our clothes, conscious consumerism, etc), leave a comment with the ways in which you would like to participate (writing, modeling, site design, styling, etc) and your contact information. I may be reaching out to some of you in the coming months as opportunities arise! 

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I've never been "good" at being alone. I'm naturally more productive and energized when other people are around.

My husband was out of town for a few days this week. As an extrovert, my natural tendency is to fill solitary days with friends - especially when "my person" is away. However, this time I challenged myself to take one full day in solitude. 

For the first half of the day, I fell into a lethargic attitude and accomplished very little. But then, something shifted. I decided to practice what I preach and put on a cute outfit despite the fact that no one would see it. I turned on some music and started tackling tasks that I've needed to do for quite a while. I made myself a nourishing meal even though there was no one to share it with. I started to savor the solitude instead of fighting it. 

While I'll always advocate for community over isolation, I think this experience helped me grow a tiny bit as a human being. So cheers to a little solitude, I think it made me a healthier extrovert! 


is ethical fashion elitist? 

This question comes up all the time, and I've started and stopped writing a post addressing the issue dozens of times - struggling to get the words just right. I'm so happy to say that Hannah of Life+Style+Justice tackled this question in a beautiful and articulate piece. I found myself "mhm-ing" and "amening" my way through her whole post. I highly recommend you give it a read!

Read it now | Is Ethical Fashion Elitist? 

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