Sunday Slowdown | Edition IX | Travel Bug



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let's slow down a little, shall we? 

TUSK | portland

travel bug 

Do you ever find yourself itching to hop on a plane and go... anywhere? Yep, I get it. Even when you love your life, the travel bug can catch up to you, and let's face it, we don't all have the luxury of jet-setting every time the feeling strikes. As our summer trip to Europe drifts further back into memory, I've had a major travel bug. Here are a few things that are helping me stay happy and grounded until the next big trip:

- Following the adventures of friends | Our blogger buddies Luke & Jill have just embarked on a massive trip and I am living vicariously through them! 

- Planning mini getaways | We're taking a long weekend at the coast soon (which I recognize is a luxury), and it's so nice to have something break up the everyday life routine! 

- Revisiting photos from past trips I love pouring through photos to reminisce on the grand adventures we've had the privilege of taking. 

Finding new places in our own city | My husband took me on a surprise date to Tusk this week and the exotic cuisine made me forget I was in Portland. (ps I highly recommend this restaurant!) 

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selflessly styled this week 

I'm so excited to have my first photo shoot with other models for Selflessly Styled in the works. One thing I've quickly realized about this new endeavor is that it's much more time consuming to include other people.

I think that goes for anything in life. Inclusion requires work, communication... effort.  

Individuality may be the path of least resistance when it comes to creative projects, but there's something beautiful about the effort inclusion requires.  

Paris, France

good reads

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accounts that inspired me this week

Q U O T E   O F   T H E   W E E K

Kindness is the noblest weapon to conquer with.
— Thomas Fuller