my wardrobe favorites: summer 2016 review

With Labor Day behind us and clouds overhead, I think it's safe to bid adieu to summer '16. While I'm excited for all the cozy that's coming, I want to take a moment to share the ethically-made items that got me through the past few sunny months. 

Keep these in mind as you curate your closet in the coming year. 

Black silk tank from Everlane - I never realized what a staple a good black tank top is in one's closet until I purchased this. I've paired it with a statement necklace and black skirt for a dressy look, or with black jeans and sunglasses for a casual afternoon out. The possibilities are endless. (NOTE: This particular tank is dry-clean only. In the future, I may opt for a different fabric.) 

Versatile clutch from Lost in Samsara - I've used this clutch for almost every dinner date and social occasion this summer. It's neutral enough to go with everything, but has enough unique detail to be eye-catching. You can read my full review of it here

Slide Sandals from Sseko - I officially have moved on from flip-flops. These slides are just as easy to slip on, and about ten times cuter (in my opinion)! I purchased these beauties late in the season, but made up for it by wearing them almost every day. 

White Tee from Everlane - There's nothing more classic than a good tee. I have this $15 option in both black and white and wear them all the time. My work atmosphere is casual, so I can get away with it alone, but you could throw a blazer over it for a more polished feel. Add a red lip and BOOM. 

Striped casual dress from People Tree - I'm pretty sure I wore this dress at least two or three times per week this summer. It still looks brand new due to sturdy construction and 100% organic cotton. I'd slip it on with sneakers or sandals and occasionally tie a denim shirt around my waist for an easy breezy outfit. (People Tree is sold out of this style, but there's a similar dress here.) 

Ribbon sandals from Sseko - These sandals are potentially the only summer shoe you really need. There are dozens of ways to tie them, and they can be casual or dressy. I have black, white, and tan leather laces for mine and wore them constantly from May through August. 

Karuna pants from Sudara - Oh the comfy joy of these pants! Although they're long, the material is breezy enough for a warm summer evening. I mostly wear these pants for morning yoga and cooking dinner, but also slip them on for errands and would totally wear them to brunch. You can read my full review here

I know I'll wear all of these items next summer since they're so timeless. What are some of your favorite summer staples? I'd love to hear! 

Now, let's brew some tea and settle in for autumn. ;)