Summer 10x10 Recap: How I Failed & Why I'm Happy About It

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Hosted by two of my favorite style bloggers, Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of Un-Fancy, this is a style challenge in which you grab ten items of clothing (including shoes, but not including accessories) and commit to only wearing those items for the next ten days. The challenge has gained quite a following online, and is open to anyone and everyone to join! You don't have to be a style blogger to benefit from the positive energy that surrounds this seasonal event. You can check out my Spring 10x10 Recap Post for some more inspiration and keep an eye out for the next challenge which will take place in the fall! 

How I "Failed" 

This 10x10 challenge was a real struggle for me... but not in the way you might expect. Limiting myself to the ten items was easy, it's almost half my wardrobe anyways, so I didn't feel very deprived. What was a struggle for me this round was being motivated to create a uniquely different look each day. I repeated some looks a couple times with only the slightest change, like swapping out my shoes. While I feel that I failed a bit creatively, I am thrilled about what this represents: something in my brain has utterly stopped caring about outfit repeating. I can say that I am truly content with a few things, that I know what I like to wear, and that I will wear those things over and over again.

I used to think a tiny wardrobe was only doable if it could be mixed and matched a hundred different ways. Versatility was the key to save me from boredom. Now, however, I find myself drawn to a tiny wardrobe full of pieces I love - even if not every single one of them can be worn over a dozen different ways. Maybe a quality garment being worn one or two wonderful ways is all we need to expect from it... we simply must first overcome the ridiculous thought that being an "outfit repeater" is a negative title. I still highly value versatility, but I value contentment even more.


10 Days 10 Items Inspo | Ethical Fashion Blogger


  1. Harly Jae Jumpsuit

  2. MATTER PRINTS Patterned Pants

  3. Matter Prints Patterned Tank 

  4. Everlane Skinny Jeans

  5. Knit Cream Tank

  6. Black Jumpsuit

  7. Striped Top

  8. White Sneakers

  9. Black Crossover Slides


Jewelry capsule for the ethical minimalist

My Earring Capsule

In addition to the clothing challenge, I added another fun aspect to this round of 10x10 styling... an earring capsule!

I'll admit, I had never heard of or considered the concept of an "earring capsule" until recently. Ethical + sustainable jewelry brand Jewels & Aces has created this wonderful option for women who love minimal jewelry but also want the ability to get creative with it! 

Their beautiful (and very high quality) earrings are available as studs and "jackets." You can mix and match the studs and jackets to create a variety of looks. During this 10x10 challenge, I solely wore two stud options and two jacket options. I never found myself bored and continue to wear these on repeat!

Though I haven't personally taken advantage of this feature yet, I love that these earrings can also be mixed and matched with earrings from other brands. Check out Jewels & Aces to see how it works and all the options!

My Favorite Sunglasses 

I constantly found myself reaching for my Mohala Eyewear sunglasses during the bright sunny days that I enjoyed during this challenge. If you missed it, catch the beautiful story of this brand here. I truly adore the style of these sunnies, and love the impact the brand is making! 

Ethically Made Sunglasses

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