stylish rain boots that are good for the world

While the practicality of rain boots has made them a closet staple, they've often been excluded from the "stylish" side of our wardrobes due to bulky design or unappealing colors. I've recently met a rain boot that is both functional and stylish... oh, and completely ethical all the way down to the materials they're crafted from. Meet the Minimalist Black + White Ankle Boot from Alice + Whittles

black stylish rain boot outfit (ethical)

As an aspiring minimalist, anything that earns a place in my closet has to be extremely versatile. The sleek and modern design of Alice + Whittles boots makes them something that I reach for not only during a downpour, but also on a dry day. They're just that easy to pair with an outfit! 

I wore these boots all around Portland last weekend, and they transitioned seamlessly from brunch to outdoor adventures. When you find an item that feels modern and chic, but retains its practical function, you know you have something you'll wear constantly. It's magic. 

While the boots may not make a bold statement with color (although they do have some fun colored options), this brand is making a huge statement in the fashion industry and global market. Alice + Whittles was founded by two UN emergency relief workers as a response to the needs they witnessed firsthand around the world. They've created a product that is actually good for the world and good for everyone involved in the process. 

How do they do it? 

It all starts with materials. Alice + Whittles has gone to great lengths to select natural, sustainably harvested, vegan materials. The rubber is grown on sustainably and ethically run farms. They employ workers under fair trade conditions in Sri Lanka to fashion the high-quality materials into handmade waterproof boots. The result is a truly well made product that will last you for years to come. 

sustainable ethical rain boots by Alice + Whittles
ethical stylish rain boots

I receive compliments on my Alice + Whittles boots nearly every time I wear them, and it brings me so much joy to get to share about the amazing brand they come from. One of the beautiful aspects of wearing ethically made products is telling the story they carry. While the aesthetic element is reason enough to wear them, there's a purpose that goes far beyond vanity. When I receive a compliment, instead of simply thinking, "I look good," I'm able to expand that compliment into a conversation that recognizes that there are people in the world doing good through something as simple as a boot. 

I highly recommend investing in these boots, especially if you live in a rainy climate like I do.

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  • Made: ethically made in Sri Lanka
  • Where to Buy: online or at select stores
  • Notes: There are helpful size guides online to help you determine which size is right for you. If you're between sizes, I would suggest sizing up as the shoes run very narrow. I typically wear a size 9 (US) but I went up to a 10 for these. 
minimal black rain boots

Who should buy this: The modern minimalist will adore the style of the boot, and those who live in a rainy environment will wear these constantly! 

Who shouldn't buy this: If you have a particularly wide foot, you will likely have to size up.

Huge thanks to Alice + Whittles for gifting me these amazing boots. This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase through my link, I receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Selflessly Styled!