Spring 10x10 Challenge Recap

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What is the 10x10 challenge?

Hosted by two of my favorite style bloggers, Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of Un-Fancy, this is a style challenge in which you grab ten items of clothing (including shoes, but not including accessories) and commit to only wearing those items for the next ten days. The challenge has gained quite a following online, and is open to anyone and everyone to join! You don't have to be a style blogger to benefit from the positive energy that surrounds this seasonal event. Keep an eye out for the next challenge which will take place in the summer! 

What I learned through this experience

I've done this challenge a few times over the past couple years, and this time around was by far the easiest. In previous experiences, I struggled to make it to day ten, but this time around I hadn't even exhausted all of my outfit ideas by the time I was finished. Another major difference was that I actually really liked every outfit that I wore for this challenge. After much thought, I finally figured out what I did differently this time:

I chose pieces that I love individually instead of worrying so much on choosing "versatile" pieces.

For example, in a previous 10x10 challenge, I never would have put two jumpsuits in my little capsule because they are't necessarily as versatile as choosing pants and a shirt that can be mixed and matched. This time, I decided not to worry so much about "options" and stuck with my favorite items. Turns out they created more than enough options anyway! 

HerE are my ten looks from the challenge:

SELFLESSLY STYLED | 10x10 challenge | ethical style

Breakdown of my ten items:

  1. Blue Jeans

  2. Striped Jumpsuit

  3. Slouchy Black Jumpsuit 

  4. White Button Up Shirt

  5. Black Long Sleeved Shirt

  6. Moody Floral Duster

  7. Long Grey Cardigan

  8. Denim Jacket

  9. Cream Leather Sneakers

  10. Black Block Heels


Even though the 10x10 "rules" allow you to use as many accessories as you want, I still strive to keep them to a minimum.

I stuck to my two hats from Equal Uprise and only wore minimal pieces from a jewelry brand that I've recently been introduced to called GLDN

I find that simple gold hoops go a long way when it comes to styling, and I didn't even realize that these were the only earrings I wore until the end of the challenge. I just naturally reached for them everyday!

Selflessly Styled | Minimal Capsule Challenge