the dress for every season

Wouldn't it be nice if there was something in your closet that worked for summer or winter, casual afternoon or date-night, bloated or pregnant, worn with flats or heels...? Meet Sotela. Born in the USA, this eco-friendly brand is on a pretty cool mission to change the way women wear clothes...

We believe that comfortable can be minimal and chic without compromising people or the planet.
— Sotela

They aren't joking when they say this is "the last dress you'll ever need." I ordered the cocoon dress from Sotela about a month ago and it has been transitioning me from summer to fall so smoothly.

I wore it to a sunny engagement party with a statement necklace a flats one day, and with a coat and rainboots to work the next. (That's fickle Portland weather for you!)

Sotela on Selflessly Styled

I love the fact that I know this dress will work as a maternity piece someday when I have to give up my beloved skinny jeans. How can this be? Well, each Sotela dress size spans 4-6 traditional sizes. This means that I could go up or down multiple sizes and still feel comfortable in this piece. 

The tencel twill fabric is sturdy but elegant and easily dresses up or down. In these photos, I've paired it with a simple necklace and booties for cooler weather. You'll be seeing more ways to wear it on my social media all year long. 

I highly recommend this dress to women of ALL shapes and sizes. It's everything that a piece of clothing should be: high quality, flattering, and made without harming people or the environment. What more could a girl want?

  • Cost: $110 USD
  • Made: Sustainably in the USA
  • Where to Buy: online only
  • Notes: I'm 5'8" and wearing their Size 1. The Cocoon Size 1 hits just above my knee after being washed. The Marsh color does show sweat in the pits, so either get black or wear some of those nifty sweat blockers if you need!

Who should buy this: Ladies looking for a dress that will take them through all seasons and stages of life. 

Who shouldn't buy this: If you prefer dresses that show off your waistline, you may want to stay away from shifts lie this one!