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SiiZU on Selflessly Styled

There's a new cool kid on the ethical fashion scene, her name? SiiZU. Okay, SiiZU isn't a person, it's a brand, but "cool kid" is the first phrase that popped into my mind when I found their site. 

I've worn their Sunna Peplum Top several times over the past few weeks and am totally sold on it. To be honest, I don't usually love peplum. As a gal with ample hips, I don't always appreciate the extra flare in that region. However, SiiZU nails it with this particular cut. The peplum is subtle and flattering. The silk and cotton blend yields a high-quality fabric that's both sophisticated and machine washable (hallelujah).


Our philosophy is simple. To design and deliver beautiful, high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directly to you at an affordable price point.
— SiiZU

Based in New York, SiiZU responsibly and sustainably manufactures clothing both in the US and abroad. They keep everything transparent, from sharing details of their factories to explaining how they cut middlemen out of their production to lower the price of luxury items. 

They're so committed to sustainability that they partner with the American Forest to plant trees in order to counteract the effects of their manufacturing on the ecosystem. Love that! 

SiiZU works with different factories worldwide. When deciding on their manufacturing logistics, the team intentionally keep the fabric manufacturers and garment factories close to each other in order to minimize the carbon footprint from shipping materials. 

China is the biggest production country in terms of producing the best silk. So, in order to minimize the co2 footprint, all of their silk products are made in China. 

In the fashion industry, it's estimated that 10%-20% of fabric is wasted. SiiZU uses the "Zero Waste design" which decreases the waste to 5%. 

This infographic demonstrates how they do this:


They've thought through every aspect of their clothing line. Even the packaging is aesthetically pleasing! (see below)

SiiZU on Selflessly Styled

Sophisticated and sustainably made, this top can be dressed up or down with ease.

I've worn it with a pencil skirt for a professional look, or with black pants and booties for a date night downtown. The high neckline gives a stunning backdrop for any necklace and the sleeve length is flattering.

I would highly recommend it as a wardrobe staple all year long.

  • Cost: $70 USD
  • Made: Responsibly in China
  • Where to Buy: online only 
  • Notes: I'm 5'8" and wearing a small. It's fits me like a glove, but I would recommend sizing up if you have a larger chest. I tried this top in light blue as well, it was gorgeous but showed sweat in the armpits on a hot day, so I opted for black.

Who should buy this: Women who love the finer things in life. SiiZU creates elevated pieces that are sophisticated and sustainable. 

Who shouldn't buy this: If you're busty, the peplum top will likely be too tight on you.