kickstart your wardrobe with one dress

We all know that the "little black dress" is a closet staple, but this specific style is so versatile that you'll find it kickstarting your wardrobe from office.... to adventure... to date night out... etc.

How can it be so versatile? Black tencel is an elegant sustainable fabric that is simultaneously polished and sturdy. The dress has a removable sash that instantly takes the look from structured to playful at a moment's notice. You may notice the deep V in the photo of me wearing it, but there's a button that allows you to raise the neckline. The placement of the hemline and pockets make it universally flattering. 

I haven't even told you the best part yet... this dress is so much more than a fashion statement.

It's the first product of a non-profit dedicated to empowering Hatian women in a very tangible way. All of the profits will go directly back into an amazing program called Jasper House which allows women in Haiti to gain safe employment and restoration from lives of prostitution and abuse. See the video about this project here

You can preorder your dress on Kickstarter right now for $94. The dress will sell for $169 once it's fully launched, so the Kickstarter is a great deal to take advantage of! I've had the privilege of being an insider on the design of this dress and I guarantee you, it's worth every penny. Some amazing designers collaborated on every aspect of the cut, material etc. to ensure that everything about it is of the highest quality. 

back this project on Kickstarter and make it come to life!

Kickstarter Expires November 28, 2016

I turned the dress into a fall/winter piece by adding leggings and this incredibly cozy shawl from Animaná. Just like all of their products, this scarf is luxurious and breathtaking. The crimson shade makes a brilliant accessory in the fall and will continue to add the perfect pop of color in the holiday season.