Three of my Ethical Blogger Buddies Styled Nisolo's Latest Collection With Me

Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion

How many ethical fashion bloggers does it take to review a new shoe collection?

In this case… four!

Back in the spring, I had the honor of sitting beside three of my fellow local ethical bloggers on a panel at the Sustainable Fashion Forum. While I’ve seen each of them on separate occasions, this was the first time all four of us got together since then. Thank you, Nisolo, for giving me another reason to get together with these fabulous and thoughtful women!

Each of us has extremely high standards for the quality of the brands we work with, and Nisolo is one that goes above and beyond when it comes to ethical manufacturing and quality of design.

Nisolo recently launched the brandy collection, offering several of their tried and true silhouettes in a deliciously rich tone that’s perfect for fall. Each of us selected the silhouette in brandy that we felt would best fit our closet.

For me, it was the Emma D’orsay Oxford.

I’d been eyeing this silhouette for quite some time (over a year now!) and have a few friends who own it in different colors. I’m exceptionally slow about adding new shoes to my wardrobe, but by the time it was released in brandy, I knew this was the one. It’s a comfortable flat shoe but the slight heel and side slit makes it quite elevated.

Chic and as classic as they come. And the brandy color? So pretty I want to eat (or drink?) it. While this shoe is offered in a lovely wheat or black leather as well, I really am smitten with the brandy for this style.

Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion
Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion
Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion


I am wearing a 9.5 and find that they fit true to size. Like many other Nisolo silhouettes I’ve tried, they felt too snug at first but then broke in quite nicely. They were so tight when I first received them that I ended up with blistered heels (my fault for wearing them on a long walk before being broken in). But after wearing them a few more times, they’re now supremely comfortable and my feet are happy in them all day long.


My favorite way to style these beauties is to pair them with a simple outfit:

Blue jeans and a sweater. Black pants with a black top. Something along those lines.

While others may rock oxfords with a dress, I personally prefer them with a more understated look instead of one that’s overtly feminine. “Tomboy parisian chic” are the words that come to mind. Is that a thing? Let’s make it one.

Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion
Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion

Now for the really fun part…

Check out how my friends styled their Nisolo shoes and catch their reviews (plus more photos from our collaborative photo shoot!)

Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion

Nitty Gritty

Who should buy these |Anyone who is looking for a versatile, elegant oxford will love these. An oxford style shoe is a specific “look” and I find that most people who are drawn to it are also drawn to more “classic” items in general. These shoes step in (pun intended) to a wardrobe gap for something that can be both casual and polished at the same time.

Nisolo Oxford Review | Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion

Who shouldn’t buy them | These shoes are not designed to be worn with socks, so if you live somewhere that’s perpetually rainy or snowy and find yourself in constant need of climate-appropriate footwear, these may not be the shoes for you. Also, they don’t have great traction, the bottom is smooth which I know bothers some people (however, I think you can purchase attachable pads to add more grip).

Overall Impression

I thought these were beautiful on Nisolo’s website, but can honestly say they’re even better in person. I expect to wear these shoes for years to come as Nisolo has proved the quality of their craftsmanship time after time.

I never want to encourage impulse buying, but if these are something that will fill a gap in your closet, I’d purchase sooner than later as I’ve been told the inventory in this beautiful color is limited. You can purchase them HERE!

Outfit Details | Shoes | Sweater | Jeans | Bag | Hat

This post was not sponsored, but Nisolo did gift me these shoes to wear for an honest review. The links are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you purchase using my links at Nisolo. It is always appreciated!

All photos in this post were taken by Kiara Rose