my perfect (waterproof!) carry-on

Ethically made waterproof duffle

I was slowly making my way through the crowds at Portland Night Market last month when a display of bags caught my eye. They were intriguing enough that I dared to cut across the flow of human traffic (one of my least favorite things) to get a closer look. I'm so glad I did.

The booth turned out to be a pop up of Meridian Lee, a Portland-based business that works directly with female entrepreneurs who have escaped human trafficking and other oppression in developing countries.

Ethical design, high quality material, relevant products... that's a company I can get behind! 

You'll get to meet Rachel, the founder of Meridian Lee, in another blog post soon, but right now I want to brag on their duffle bag...

ethically made waterproof duffle

Rachel gave me a duffle to use on my recent vacation, and it was absolutely perfect. Here's why:

First of all, the bag is the ideal size for a carry-on. I was able to put almost all of my clothes for the week in this one bag. It has a beautiful lining that provides just the right amount of support while retaining that flexible, squishable-ness that make duffles so easy to travel with. 

Ok here's the coolest part.... it's WATERPROOF. It's easy enough to find a waterproof bag, but it's really rare to find one that has a natural texture like this instead of looking synthetic.

I'll admit, I almost didn't believe that it was truly waterproof at first - I mean look how soft it is! But, sure enough, as I darted through the rain to get to the airport, raindrops beaded right off this beauty. We had a little snowstorm this weekend, and I tested my duffle in the snow as well; it passed that test too!

ethically made waterproof duffle

This bag is perfect for world travel or a weekend getaway. Go confidently, knowing your purchase is supporting the future of women around the globe.

Who should buy this: Anyone who travels often will adore this sidekick! 

Who shouldn't buy this: If you're in the market for a full-sized suitcase, you'll want something a little bigger.