my year-round minimal ethical wardrobe

I'm constantly talking about how beneficial it is to curate an intentional closet, but what does that actually look like?

I decided to share my complete wardrobe as a practical example. Keep in mind, this is not a formula to replicate. Take the time to find what works for you, but use this as inspiration to know that you really can achieve high functioning ethical style without an overflowing closet. The term "minimal" is very relative; you may look at my 43 items and think, "That's so much stuff!" but, compared to the average American woman's closet, 43 items is just a fraction of the size. 

The graphic below gives an overview of everything I own, but I'll break it down by category and product description later in the post.

ethical capsule wardobe

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  1. Everlane black silk tank 
  2. Encircled grey sleeveless top
  3. A Beautiful Refuge graphic muscle tee
  4. Everlane white v-neck
  5. SiiZU black peplum
  6. Everlane black v-neck
  7. Alternative Apparel black cardigan
  8. Conrado beige kimono sweater
  9. Sweet Lupine black & white open cardigan 
  10. Everlane green ribbed sweater
  11. Conrado jasmine tunic
  12. Brass ivory button up blouse 
ethical capsule tops


  1. Sotela marsh cocoon dress 
  2. Sweet Lupine off-the-shoulder striped sundress
  3. Symbology kimono wrap dress
  4. Pact black maxi dress
  5. Sweet Lupine silver glam flapper
ethical capsule dresses




  1. Secondhand black hat 
  2. Animaná red shawl
ethical capsule accessories


  1. Alice + Whittles rain boots
  2. The Root Collective booties
  3. Sseko ribbon sandals
  4. Sseko slide sandals 
  5. Nisolo black flats 
  6. Secondhand white sneakers
  7. Allbirds black wool runners 
ethical capsule shoes



ethical capsule swimsuit
I make myself rich by making my wants few
— Henry David Thoreau

So there you have it; this is the wardrobe that works for me in any season! Will it evolve over time? Of course. Items wear out and new pieces will come in, but I am determined to keep my closet clutter-free and full of clothes that were made without hurting people.

If you want help curating a streamlined wardrobe that fits your specific lifestyle, check out the consultations page!