I Wore 11 Items for a Full Month

Selflessly Styled Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge | Ethical Fashion Blog

During November, I challenged myself to only wear eleven items (including shoes) as a way to foster simplicity and contentment in a month that can be prone to becoming a bit chaotic.

To be honest, the whole challenge felt rather anticlimactic once it was done. I didn’t feel deprived or bored in the slightest.

While it was four times longer than the 10x10 challenge, it was distinctly simpler than my challenge last year of wearing only five items for a full month.

I’ve taken a little over a week since the challenge ended to process my takeaways, and here’s the lowdown…

Selflessly Styled Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge | Ethical Fashion Blog

What made it so easy this time?

  • Keeping my daily outfit photos simple was a game changer. Mirror selfies might be basic, but they made this challenge so easy for me! One of my biggest stressors in previous challenges was feeling like I had to get great blog-worthy photos every single day. I knew that if I put that pressure on myself this November, it would defeat the whole purpose of simplifying my wardrobe.

  • The fact that my wardrobe is comprised of 99% neutral colored items means that they mix and match pretty seamlessly. Also having versatile options like a blazer that can turn into a vest and a sweater that than converts into a turtleneck is incredibly helpful when it comes to creating options without adding clutter to the clothing rack.

  • Practice makes perfect. I am a firm believer that shifting towards minimalism takes work and practice. So, if you try this and it’s a struggle, don’t get discouraged! It’s literally taken me three years to get to this point!

How many times did i wear each item?

Tops + Dresses


What did I wear other than these items?

I didn’t count accessories or my heavy winter coat for this challenge, but even those were kept pretty minimal.

I reached for my Sseko Designs beanie (sold out - sorry, friends!) and Equal Uprise black hat on occasion in addition to this lovely woven Acacia Creations towel that doubles as an oversized scarf!

The only day that I didn’t wear the eleven items from this challenge was the day before Thanksgiving. (I was working from home and wore my Miakoda sweatpants and sweatshirt all day!)

Here are the outfits from every single day in November!

These photos aren’t curated or fancy, but they tell the true story of my style for the month.

Have you ever tried any form of minimalist styling challenge? What was your experience? Was is easy? Tough? I’d love to hear!

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