why a minimal closet works for even non-minimalists

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Minimalism is all the rage these days. While the movement pairs beautifully with conscious consumerism, I fully understand that not everyone is drawn to an extremely minimalist lifestyle. One reason we can be hesitant to "go minimal" is because we confuse aesthetic minimalism for practical minimalism (read more on what I mean by that here). Additionally, many of us share our homes with a significant other, kids, or even roomies who may not be thrilled about us purging everything outside of the necessities. 

If you are...

a) nervous about taking the plunge into minimalism 

b) craving simplicity but share a home with others who aren't on the same page as you 

c) not interested in minimalism but appreciate dressing well

...this post is for YOU! 


Your closet is the perfect way to begin simplifying your home

I speak from personal experience on this one. When I did the purge-to-end-all-purges and got rid of 90% of my clothes, it emboldened me to really go after simplicity in the rest of our home. I hadn't even considered what minimalism in our house would look like until I felt the freedom it brought to my wardrobe. Let me tell you, it has been transformative. 

Clothes are the easiest items to start with because you can make quick decisions about them as opposed to small appliances or furniture that you really have to evaluate before removing from your home. If you hastily get rid of a shirt that you end up missing, it's not that big of a deal... you can wear a different shirt. If you hastily get rid of your waffle maker and end up missing it, well then you're stuck without waffles... that's a very big deal in my mind. Just kidding (kinda), but you get the point! 


Your closet is the one part of your home that you have absolute control over

Unless you live alone, chances are you need to take the needs and opinions of other people into consideration before you make a major change in your house. But your closet? That's all yours! You don't have to get permission from anyone except yourself to ruthlessly weed out unnecessary items from your closet. There's nothing stopping you. The only exception would be if you want to consult a significant other before getting rid of an outfit they especially love on you, ya'know to keep the peace. ;) 

I've chatted with some moms about this. They all seem to agree that, although their kids may leave memory-making-messes throughout the rest of the home, they can always find a haven of organization in their closet when they approach it with a minimal mentality. 


A simplified closet can benefit your life apart from a minimalist home

Ok, so maybe you have zero interest in minimalism. Why should you still consider simplifying your wardrobe? I'm so glad you asked!

Your closet is a unique part of your home that you have to encounter every single morning. At the very beginning of your day, you are going to be faced with the decision of what to wear. Whether you're aware of it or not, opening the door to 103 pieces of clothing (the average number of items in an American woman's closet) adds a certain amount of stress to your day. This is why most Americans end up wearing just 20% of their clothes. We get so tired of making these micro-decisions everyday that we slip into a rhythm of grabbing the same 20-ish items to wear day after day. What happens with the other 80% of the clothes? They squish each other, fall off the hangers, make us sad that we don't fit into them like we used to, and demand hours of our time organizing and reorganizing. They become clutter. 

If you're only going to wear a small number of items on a regular basis, why not have those be the only items you own? Why not open your closet doors and have an easy decision each day, grabbing an outfit that you love. Save your brain power and precious time for other areas of your life!

I would argue that your closet is the best way to begin simplifying your life (even if you don't move towards minimalism in the rest of your house). I have yet to meet a single person who regrets simplifying their wardrobe. It helps you dress better on a daily basis, identify your true style, and save money. What's not to love about that?!