aesthetic minimalism vs. functional minimalism

I've talked quite a bit about incorporating simplicity into your wardrobe in order to afford the cost of ethical shopping. Fortunately, minimalism is super trendy right now. 

It excites me to have something that encourages simplicity be trendy, but sometimes trendiness complicates things.

The word "minimal" simply means a "minimum amount" ... the idea is to have the minimum amount of items necessary to accomplish what you need. That sounds simple enough.

However, with it's current popularity, minimalism has taken on a life of its own.

When we hear the term "minimalist wardrobe"  we tend to think of a specific aesthetic: basic color tones, gender-neutral design, and almost no patterns. That look is amazing on those who want to rock it, but I know lots of people who would not feel like themselves wearing those styles. 

That's why I want to make a differentiation between aesthetic minimalism and functional minimalism.

Here's the deal: 

You can embrace the beautiful freedom of functional minimalism without having a minimalist aesthetic. 

You can simplify and adopt a minimalist approach to your wardrobe and it can look however you like. 

Your minimal wardrobe can be colorful and eclectic. 

Your minimal wardrobe can be vintage and feminine. 

Your minimal wardrobe can be edgy and modern. 

Your minimal wardrobe can be professional and classy. 

Your minimal wardrobe can be anything you need it to be. 

Choosing to live with fewer items doesn't have to look like aesthetic minimalism if you don't want it to. 

Remember, when you have fewer things, you are simply creating room to highlight the pieces you truly love and use. It's totally up to you what those pieces look like.

So get out there, find your vibe and stick to it. Functional minimalism is for everyone!