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T H E    A L L    D A Y    J U M P S U I T

Is there any pattern better suited for summer than effortless stripes? I think not. However, I am admittedly pretty picky when it comes to stripes. For a stripe to feel "summery" it has to be thin with plenty of white space but not so thin that you lose the effect all together. Matter Prints has nailed the perfect summer stripe on their latest All Day Jumpsuit, and I've been wearing this piece all over the place this month! 

Matter believes in slow design, slow production and slow style. I own a few of their pieces and am so impressed by them in every way. 

A singapore-based, socially motivated label, they focus on quality timeless pieces. Centered on affordable luxury, thoughtful design, and provenance, Matter connects artisans, designers and heritage with modern design to create pieces with rich, cultural stories to tell.

ethical fashion blog

I've been a fan of Matter for years, but the more I research ethical fashion, the more I realize how rare a company like Matter is. They go above and beyond when it comes to thoughtfulness in their supply chain and payment of their workers. I loved reading about their true transparency in Hannah's recent review of their dresses

On a practical level, my favorite feature of this jumpsuit is the fact that you don't have to take it all the way off to use the restroom (can I get a "hallelujah?!"). The genius design of a detached back and adjustable front allows you to loosen the jumpsuit enough to do your business without stripping all the way down. From my past international travels, I can think of so many pee-on-the-side-of-the-rode experiences in which this jumpsuit would have been so much more covering than the jeans I was wearing. You'd better believe this jumpsuit is coming with me on my next grand adventure!

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The fabric is durable and not the slightest bit see-through. The fit is comfortable and loose, though if you're shorter than 5'4" it may be a bit big on you. Adjustable buttons at the hip allow you to let the jumpsuit out if necessary which is such a valuable option considering the many changes women's bodies go through. I highly recommend this jumpsuit and can vouch for its exceptional quality. It's a timeless piece that can be worn for years to come and carries a production story that you can truly feel good about. 

  • Cost: $169 (USD) 
  • Made: ethically made in India
  • Where to Buy: online
  • Notes: I am 5'8" and wearing a size 1 in the jumpsuit

Who should buy this: Ladies on the hunt for true comfort, breathable but sturdy fabric, and incredibly thoughtful design will love this piece. If you live somewhere warm, this piece could be your go-to all year long. It's especially flattering on taller women.

Who shouldn't buy this: If you're under 5'6" and don't like a surplus of fabric covering you, I would think twice before purchasing this. Even at 5'8" the smallest size is quite roomy on me. Of course, you could always get it tailored to fit you, but keep in mind the extra cost if you opt for that route. 

ethically made striped jumpsuit

*This post was sponsored by Matter Prints. As with all product reviews, the brand was fully vetted by Selflessly Styled prior to collaboration and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are an accurate reflection of my experience with the product. I will always be honest with you!