matter jumpsuit

"I have never been more impressed with the design of a piece of clothing than I am right now."

These were actual words I blurted out to my husband when I first tried on this jumpsuit from Matter. It is so obvious that incredible thoughtfulnesses went into the design and production of this piece. 

Matter is the perfect example of a company that is fighting fast fashion in a real way. They believe in slow design, slow production and slow style. Find more about their philosophy and processes on their website. I am so impressed by them in every way. 

A singapore-based, socially motivated label, they focus on travel wear for the modern, globetrotting woman. Centered on affordable luxury, thoughtful design, and provenance, Matter is about connecting artisans with designers and heritage with modern design to create travel wear with rich, cultural stories to tell.

When I saw this jumpsuit on their website I knew it would be versatile and cute, but I had no idea just how comfortable it would be.

The high-quality hand-dyed cotton fabric is sturdy and substantial for fall, but the detached back keeps it nice and breezy if you want to wear it on a summer day. I'm planning to take mine to Florida next month, so stay tuned for pics of that!

I've worn it a few times already and received compliments every time. The pattern is classy enough to wear with a blazer to work, but casual enough to rock on a casual vacation. 

I already know that someday when mine wears out, I'll purchase a replacement. That's how much I love it! 

Matter has several fun summery jumpsuits and amazing pants as well. Check them out!

  • Cost: $169 USD
  • Made: Responsibly in India
  • Where to Buy: online only 
  • Notes: I'm 5'8" and wearing a size 1 on the tightest button. I can loosen it up even more if I need to someday! 

Who should buy this: Ladies on the hunt for true comfort, breathable but sturdy fabric, and incredibly thoughtful design will love this piece. If you live somewhere warm, this piece could be your go-to all year long. It's especially flattering on taller women.

Who shouldn't buy this: If you're under 5'6" and don't like a surplus of fabric covering you, I would think twice before purchasing this. Even at 5'8" the smallest size is quite roomy on me. Of course, you could always get it tailored to fit you, but keep in mind the extra cost if you opt for that route.