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This post is (metaphorically) brought to you by the color green! A couple of my sustainability-minded friends joined me in styling three different looks with olive green apparel from a very "green" brand.

LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) is a bamboo and organic clothing company based in Canada. They've built their product line around the saying, "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories." I appreciate their focus on sustainability and leaving the earth a better place than we've found it. 

In addition to LNBF's sustainable approach to fabric, they also take the sustainable and fair livelihoods of their workers seriously. I dialogued with the brand about specifics surrounding their factory in China. They choose to manufacture in China because the world's best bamboo can be found there, and they pay their workers well over the minimum wage for their region.

LNBF offers a selection of shirts for men, but their main product line is for the ladies! Everything seems to be really fairly priced with the majority of pieces being under $100.

Ok, ready to talk specifics?! I can't wait to introduce you to these friends of mine and share the different looks we tried! 


My new friend Chloé is a blogger as well. She's originally from France and has lived all over the world; I recently discovered her blog (Conscious By Chloé) and absolutely love her writing style. Chloé styled a casual everyday look with Black Suri Leggings and the Nadia Turtle Neck Top in Olive Green. A few days after our photo shoot, I got this text from Chloé:

"So I've been wearing that same outfit we shot for 2 days straight and I'm not planning on taking it off any time soon (yeah I might have to wash it eventually)..."

(No, LNBF didn't pay her to say that - she just really loves these items of clothing!) 

Size Notes:

Chloé is 5'6" and typically wears a size large in leggings and medium in tops. She wore a large in LNBF leggings and a M/L in the Nadia Top.

LNBF Sustainable Clothing
Selflessly Styled | LNBF
Selflessly Styled | LNBF | Sustainable Clothing


Susan is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We bonded back in high school and have remained pals for a decade now! Susan has a keen interest in all things sustainable... (Inside scoop, Susan is working on a few things to share on Selflessly Styled that I am really excited about!)

Susan's chic maternity look is made up of the Black Suri Leggings and the Esther Dress in Olive Green. This dress is one of those great transitional pieces that can be worn through multiple seasons, and Susan said she plans to wear it throughout her pregnancy and beyond! 

Size Notes:

Susan is 5'8" and is 6 1/2 months pregnant. When she's not pregnant, Susan typically wears a size medium in leggings and medium in tops. She wore a large in LNBF leggings and a medium in the Esther Dress.

Selflessly Styled LNBF
Selflessly Styled | LNBF
Selflessly Styled | LNBF | Sustainable Clothing


I decided to pair the Black Suri Leggings with the Larissa Bell Sleeve Dress in Olive Green for a festive fall look. This dress is extremely comfortable, but has a fancier vibe thanks to the bell sleeves and a triangle cutout in the back. I've worn it a few times in the past two weeks and consistently receive compliments on it. The neutral shade of olive green makes it wearable in everyday life, but it can be dressed up for parties simply by adding jewelry or heels. 

I am completely in love with the bamboo blend fabric, it's so soft!

Size Notes:

I am 5'8" and typically wear a size medium in leggings and small in tops or dresses. I wore a small in LNBF leggings and a small in the Larissa Dress. 

LNBF Sustainable Clothing | Selflessly Styled
Selflessly Styled | Ethical Clothing Review | LNBF
Selflessly Styled Ethical Fashion Blog

I definitely recommend LNBF, and so do my friends! Next time you're on the hunt for some ethically made basics (or a versatile dress that you can take to a party), be sure to check them out!

Selflessly Styled | Sustainable Clothing LNBF

*This post was sponsored by LNBF. As with all product reviews, the brand was fully vetted by Selflessly Styled prior to collaboration and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are an accurate reflection of my experience with the product. I will always be honest with you!