A Fashion Statement That Doesn't Show A Lot of Skin

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When you think of dressing in a "fashion forward" way, or making a statement with your style, what do you envision? Perhaps a dramatic silhouette with a plunging back or a slit up the leg comes to mind. Lately I've been pondering modesty in relation to personal style. I have nothing against a plunging back (in fact, one of my favorite rompers has just that!), but I don't think it's fair to assume that showing extra skin has to be involved for a stylish statement to be made. 

Modesty does not have to equate to a lack of interest in style. Some of the most stylish women I know are actually quite modest. For women who feel the most comfortable and the most "themselves" when well covered, here are a few tips that I've learned from those who do it best!

1. Layers are your friend

This is one of those "more is more" situations where adding more fabric to your outfit gives a sort of regality to the look. Try tossing on a long duster in the summer or an oversized scarf in the winter. Those outermost layers are total statement-makers! 

2. Skin isn't the only backdrop for jewelry 

Accessorizing can be done modestly too! You can layer your necklaces over a crisp blouse or even use a turtleneck as a canvas for whatever jewelry you decide to add.

3. Get Focused on Fabric

Mixing textures and using high-quality fabrics is key for making a modest outfit truly elegant. In the summer, fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, and linen all pair beautifully together. In the winter, blending chunky wovens with silks can make for stunning combinations. 

One of my friends, Fahma, is a perfect example of someone who is consistently modest and constantly slaying the style game! She graciously collaborated with me to model this look from some of our favorite ethical brands. 

This outfit is a perfect example of eye-catching modesty and ultimate comfort. 

Every single aspect of this outfit brought a sophisticated touch to the look. The subtle metallic accents on the sandals, ring tote, and earrings take the outfit to a more elevated level, but the core pieces of the pants, top and coat are shockingly comfortable. Trust me (and Fahma), the fabric is amazingly soft and can be worn just as easily for a cozy day at home as it can for this out-on-the-town look. 

Each item Fahma is wearing is from a brand that is truly making the fashion industry a better place through ethical manufacturing and more! The top, coat, and earrings are made by a female-run company based in NYC whose mission is sustainable and ethical manufacturing. The pants are from one of my favorite ethical Canadian brands who also work to reduce waste in every step of a garment's life. The shoes and purse are from a brand who employs young women in Uganda in a dignified workplace and enables them to save money for college which is then matched with a scholarship. 

These pieces together don't just add up to a beautiful outfit, they add up to a beautiful story for a brighter future of fashion and the world.

Outfit Details: 

TOP | Nanna Top from SiiZU 

COAT | Anais Dress/Coat in Royal Blue from SiiZU

PANTS | The Dress Sweatpant in Black from Encircled

SHOES | Rue Sandals from Sseko Designs

EARRINGS | Cotton Pearl Hoops from SiiZU (these beauties are ideal for vegan fashionistas!) 

BAG | Ring Tote in Oiled Caramel from Sseko Designs

Ethical Fashion Reviews and Advice | Selflessly Styled

I was compensated by SiiZU for my work of styling, photographing, and writing about their products. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

I created this look and pitched the project to them myself.