9 Gift Ideas for Vegans

Ethical Gift Guide for Vegans | Selflessly Styled

She loves animals and the planet, and you love her! Get her a gift that she’s sure to cherish.

1) Vetta “Leather” Skirt

This sustainable leather-look skirt is made from black organic cotton stretch denim that is wax coated to look like leather. You can wear the skirt with or without the wrap portion, which is detachable. Versatile, vegan, what more could she want?


2) Filbert Tote

A sturdy vegan leather tote with sleek minimalistic design makes an amazing gift. This New York based vegan bag/accessory brand ethically produces their goods with a partner in Mexico and their designs are beautiful!


3) Yatay Sneakers

These sleek sneaks are made in Italy out of eco-friendly materials and even the packaging is made from recycled water bottles! They’re 100% vegan and 100% cool.


4) Miakoda Brami

Half bra, half cami, total comfort. I have this and wear it all the time! Miakoda is my absolute favorite vegan (and zero waste) brand and is run by two amazing sisters in NYC.


5) Molly Muriel Lip Balm

Stock her stuffing with the perfection solution for her lips! I recently bought this at my local grocery store and was so excited to realize that it’s made from natural floral wax & candelilla wax.


6) Lee Coren Clutch

This made-to-travel, vegan, ethical, handmade accessories brand creates bags of all kinds! I find this fold-over clutch especially cute!


7) Matt & Nat Boots

These sassy black boots look like leather, but they’re 100% vegan! One of Matt & Nat’s factories is certified by one of the highest labor standards and they say they are aiming to have all of their factories get to this level. I don’t know much more than that about their factories, but they’re the best that I could find for vegan and sustainable footwear since most fair trade shoes and made from leather.


8) Ella + Mila Nail Polish

This ute nail polish (and now makeup!) brand is toxin free and completely vegan. Oh, and the quality is awesome, I’ve been using them for years!


9) Miakoda Sweatshirt

I know I already listed one item from this sustainable/vegan brand, but they’re just the best! This sweatshirt is boxy soft perfection and makes the perfect gift.


This post was not sponsored by any of the brands listed. The links to Vetta and Miakoda are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase through them, thank you for supporting Selflessly Styled!