Everlane jeans, worth the hype?

Everlane High Waisted Jean Review | Selflessly Styled

Back in September, Everlane introduced their first line of denim... and it was BIG. I mean, maybe I noticed it more since I pay attention to ethical fashion, but I felt like everyone was talking about it. Ethically made jeans for $68? Sounded almost too good to be true. 

As I do with most trends, I waited and watched others try these pants before taking the plunge.

Finally, I purchased a pair for myself. (The high-rise skinny jeans in regular, to be exact.) They arrived last week and I was so excited to try them on that I darted into the grocery store bathroom to change into them after picking up the package. I'll be honest, there's always a temporary moment of anxiety when I try on a pair of pants that's been purchased online (especially jeans)... "Will they make it over my thighs? Will there be the dreaded gap at the waist? If they don't fit, do I pay to ship them back or do I get them tailored?" 

Fortunately, as I shimmied into these high-rise skinny jeans, all of my doubts were put to rest. They fit like a glove. A sustainable denim glove. 

The material is thick and sturdy, but more flexible than raw denim. I've worn mine for several days in a row without washing them, and they are holding up beautifully. I purchased a size 27 although I usually wear a size 28 in stiffer denim.

After wearing these for a few days, I'm almost tempted to try a size 26 because they stretch out a bit as you wear them. I would recommend sizing down from your usual denim size, but check out other customer reviews on Everlane's site as you make your decision. 

Everlane Jeans | Selfessly Styled

I am pretty curvy in the hips, and I love the way the high-rise style sits up on my waist. If you haven't try high-rise (usually called "high-waisted") jeans before, give them a whirl! The downside? Sometimes this style can have a slightly booty-flattening effect, but that doesn't bother me personally. 

Now, let's talk about the price. $68 is pretty amazing for a pair of ethically and sustainably made jeans (usually they start well over $100). I was worried that the low price would imply thin material or poor details, but Everlane has proven themselves once again! The hype is well-deserved. Well done, Everlane, well done. 

Sizing notes: I am 5'8" wearing a size 27 in the regular high-rise skinny jean. They come to my ankle when rolled down. 


Who should buy these: Denim-lovers (shocker!) will love these. You really can't beat the quality for the price. Gals on the hunt for great wearable, everyday jeans will be pleased with the classic skinny silhouettes. 

Who shouldn't buy these: If you lean more towards wide-leg or flair styles, the current denim options from Everlane aren't for you. (Although they do have some pretty sweet wide-leg pants.) Also, if you prefer really stretchy skinny jeans that fit more like a "jegging" you won't love these. They have more of a true structured denim feel which also means they loosen a bit as you wear them. 

Everlane Jeans | Selflessly Styled

Outfit details: Jeans and white shirt from Everlane| Boots from Nisolo

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