Europe Recap: What I Wore and What We Did

We recently returned from spending almost three weeks in Europe. To say it was a great experience would be an understatement... it was MAGIC.

If you haven't already, check out this post that details exactly what clothes I packed. As promised, I kept track of exactly what I wore and am sharing all the goodness with you now! 

So, turn on some french tunes (which I listen to 24/7), grab a tasty beverage, and get ready to relive my trip with me! 

Day 1: Travel Day

outfits for Europe
best clothes to travel in

This outfit was more elevated than what I'd normally wear for a thirty hour travel day. In the past, long days of flying would find me in tennis shoes and leggings. It's amazing what a difference your outfit can make in the way you feel, even on an airplane. 

Day 2: Arrival in chilly Estonia

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We landed in Estonia mid-day and were shocked at how cold it was! Once we made it to our adorable Airbnb, I changed into the warmest outfit I could (so glad I brought a scarf and beanie!) and we headed out to meet up with an old friend for dinner. 

Day 3: Exploring Old Town Tallinn

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Don't be fooled by these sunny photos, this was still a very chilly day! We strolled around Tallinn with friends and stumbled on a medieval-style combat competition. Even though it was cold, we managed a stop for gelato and hit up some of our favorite viewpoints of the city. 

Outfit Details

Day 4: More Tallinn

travel ootd

Sunday consisted of visiting old and new friends at a local church, enjoying a bbq, hunting for more gelato, taking the bus (which we took everywhere) to a gorgeous park outside the city, and finding a trendy little diner that delighted me with a delicious veggie burger. Even after we thought we were done for the day, we found ourselves wandering out to the town square late at night to enjoy the lively atmosphere. (Fun fact: the sun never fully sets during summer months in Estonia!)

Outfit Details

Day 5: Lazy Rainy Day

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While I've never been a big fan of the rain, I was secretly happy about this gloomy day because it justified the fact that I'd packed a raincoat. We brunched at the cutest cafe and then spent a cozy afternoon at our Airbnb. I sat on the windowsill and watched the raindrops fall, grateful for the luxury of time and stillness. In the evening, we ventured out to Estonia's Design Center where a friend works and spent the evening meandering around different bars and restaurants with her. 

Outfit Details

Day 6: sunny adventures

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The sun finally made a full appearance in Tallinn and we savored it as we walked along the Baltic with friends. I wore my Sseko crossover slides for the first portion of the day and swapped them out for my Bryrs to create a dressier look for the evening. This was my first day styling the Vetta wrap top, and I was so pleased with both the looks I tried! I wore the top as a v-neck in the morning and turned it around for a plunging back in the evening. 

Outfit details

Day 7: Cruising to Stockholm

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Estonia started to heat up enough to allow my off-the-shoulder sundress to make its debut! Sadly, I somehow ripped it during our morning outing, so this was the only chance I got to wear it on this trip. We checked out of our Airbnb and had to walk several miles to the docks, so I slipped into a really casual outfit for the rest of the day. Our boat set sale in the late afternoon, and we spent the evening with good company as we crossed the Baltic Sea. 

Outfit 2 Details

Outfit 1 details

Day 8: Stockholm 

what to wear in stockholm

Oh Stockholm, you really felt like home. We were only there for a day, so I may be misguided in my impression, but Stockholm reminded me so much of our home city. Good food, bikes everywhere, a trendy waterfront... yep, sounds like Portland!

Outfit Details

  • Brevity jacket

  • Everlane silk tank

  • M.i.h. jeans

  • Cuyana silk scarf

  • White sneakers

  • Thrifted leather backpack

  • Bonus item (seen in photos below): A secondhand Swedish men's sweater that I picked up for just a few euros. I'd misjudged the weather and wasn't warm enough as we walked along in the ocean breeze. Fortunately, there was a thrift shop that provided me with some inexpensive and non-fast-fashion options to add another layer to my look.

Day 9: Back to Estonia

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Our ship docked back in Estonia mid-morning and we instantly marched to our favorite crepe place for brunch. After eating our fill, we made our way out of the city and headed for the spa. It's so interesting to me that spas and saunas are so commonplace in that part of the world. We paid just over $10 each for an afternoon of the most amazing saunas. It was the perfect was to relax and recharge. I have no photos from this day, but I wore this super comfy outfit! 

Outfit Details

Day 10: Traveling to Paris

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After a wonderful night and morning with friends, we hopped on a plane and made our way to Paris! This is probably dressiest outfit I've ever worn for a day of flights, and I loved it. The Sotela dress is so comfortable and effortless. When it got chilly on the plane, I used my Azura Bay scarf as a little blanket! After my husband valiantly figured out the Paris metro system, we made it to our hotel in the heart of the city. The gentleman at the front desk greeted us with warm conversation and buttery croissants (the way to my heart!), and we were so charmed by the simple old fashioned feel of our room. 

Outfit details

Bryr clogs for travel

Day 11: Exploring Paris

ethical little black dress
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I will forever remember this day as the day several of my dreams came true. I might have cried when I stood at the base of the Eiffel Tower... maybe just a little. You may notice that the dress I'm wearing in these photos wasn't on my packing list, that's because it's from a Parisian brand that I was introduced to on this trip! Les Sublimes is an ethical french brand that has completely won me over. Their comfortable little black dress was exactly what I needed to feel chic in the sweltering heat as we walked from monument to monument. As the sun started to set, I changed into a slightly warmer outfit. We made our way up the Arc de Triomphe and drank in the amazing view. After dinner, we ducked into the most fascinating cocktail bar I've ever been in!

Outfit 2 details

  • Vetta wrap top

  • M.i.h. jeans

  • Sseko ribbon sandals

  • Kafoury crossbody bag

Outfit 1 details

Day 12: Louvre, Blogger Friends, Montmartre

Sotela outfit

Our second day in Paris began with a morning at the Louvre, we spent hours there and didn't come close to seeing it all. After marveling at the masterpieces, we met up with one of my blogger friends for lunch. Holly of Leotie Lovely was so gracious to give us lots of insider tips regarding Paris! In the evening, we found ourselves exploring Montmartre and wishing we had more time to spend in that charming corner of the world. 

Outfit details

(In the evening, I wore the same little black dress outfit as the day before and added a cardigan) 

Day 13: Last Full day in Paris

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Our hotel was within walking distance of Notre Dame, so we made it over in time to join the morning lineup of tourists waiting to climb the iconic tower. After enjoying the view, we strolled down to a crêperie on the Seine and took our time walking along the river. We allowed ourselves to take a slower pace as we ducked into a few shops. Lunchtime found us basking in the sun at a nearby park and eating the best sandwiches I've ever had. As the day came to an end, we revisited our favorite area along the river and then watched the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower. 

Outfit 2 details

  • Vetta wrap top

  • Encircled dressy sweats

  • Sseko crossover slides

  • Kafoury crossbody bag

Outfit 1 details

  • SiiZU silk top

  • Nudie skinny jeans

  • Sseko crossover slides

  • Kafoury crossbody bag

Day 14: Train to Berlin

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We bid au revior to Paris early in the morning and jumped on an eight hour train to Berlin. Upon arriving, we had a bit of an adventure finding our Airbnb. Since I was feeling under the weather, we opted for an evening in once we finally got settled. 

Outfit details


Day 15: Exploring Berlin

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We fit as much of Berlin as we could into one day. Walking to various monuments and memorials was a powerful experience, and we were impressed by the thoughtfulness of the city's reflection on its past. In the afternoon, we went to a floating pool and club on the river. The water was a bit too cold, but we did enjoy people-watching. Dinnertime took us to a wonderful burger joint (they also had  delicious veggie burger which was massive!) 

Outfit 2 details

Outfit 1 Details

Outfit 3 details

Day 16: Sick Day

After spending the previous day running around the city, my body finally said "no more!" I spent the day in bed with a terrible cold, but my sweet husband took such good care of me. 

Day 17: Traveling home

Since I was still pretty sick, I didn't take any photos on our travels back home, but I stayed super comfy in my Girlfriend Collective leggings, Encircled tank, Brevity jacket, and Allbirds shoes. 

Would I have packed anything differently?

I've thought long and hard about this, and honestly I feel great about every item that I packed for this trip. If I had to leave one thing behind, it would be my big black floppy hat since I only wore it once and it took up quite a bit of space. Overall, I would say that the 30 items in my suitcase were more than enough for this trip, which is pretty impressive considering the varied weather and lack of access to washing machines! This proved to me once again that investing in quality clothing is so worth it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to plan our next adventure... ;)