7 Portland Shops with Ethical Apparel Options

Selfessly Styled | ethical fashion blog
Selflessly Styled | Ethical Fashion Blog

Spring has sprung in Portland which means loads of cherry blossoms (yay!) and loads of raindrops. Since we moved downtown, I have been loving the ability to walk to so many places, and my Alice + Whittles boots have been getting used more than ever.

No, this post isn't sponsored, it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to mention that the boots I first reviewed over a year ago are still a major staple in my wardrobe.

I wear them to the dog park, to work, out shopping and just today I was asked by two separate individuals where they're from! I love sharing about the brand, especially after having the privilege of interviewing their founders

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...And now, my 7 favorite little shops in Portland!

Selflessly Styled | ethical fashion blogger

Animal Traffic | This store has loads of apparel for both ladies and gents. There are vintage items as well as several ethical brands (including shoes!) to try on in person. 

Backtalk | Showcasing clothing styles from emerging female designers, vintage pieces and accessories, this boutique strives for both affordability and ethical production practices. 

MadeHere PDX | As the name suggests, everything in this store is made... here! Apparel, snacks, home decor, toiletries, and more can be found in one of their three locations around the city. 

North of West | This beautiful little shop has its own clothing line (I bought my favorite black shirt here!) as well as lifestyle items, kids clothes, and the most enviable selection of sunglasses I've found. 

Shop Boswell | Hat designer Brookes Boswell created this darling retail space where she showcases her handmade hats along with a selection of other well-made pieces and some vintage options. 

WM Goods | If you're looking for a curated selection of ethical apparel from talented designers, this store is a must. It boasts the cutest fitting room I've ever used, and a variety of lifestyle goods.

Yo! | Thoughtfully made kids items, vintage apparel for women, loads of locally made earrings, and lots and lots of plants. I've purchased several baby-shower gifts there this year!

Do you have a favorite store in Portland that offers ethically made items? I would love to hear, tell me in the comments pretty please!

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