Ethical Basics to Build Your Closet (at a discount!)

Selflessly Styled | ethical basics

"Invest in good basics." How often have you heard that advice? Probably a lot, and for good reason! Investing in great basics is one of the best ways to build a wardrobe you love. Here's what I look for in a good "basic" garment:

  • Ethically made (first and foremost!) 
  • Great quality (that material has got to hold up) 
  • Neutral colors (because basics need to go with everything) 
  • Comfortable fit (you won't wear it if it's not comfortable. period.) 
Selflessly Styled | ethical basics

I fell in love with Encircled's clothes when I was introduced to them last year, so when I heard they were coming out with a "Basics Kit," I was so excited to see how it would work. Here's what's up, Encircled has launched a wonderful deal that allows you to select a v-neck tee, long sleeved shirt, and a pair of leggings of your choice. Then you get it all for $46 off retail and it comes in a super cute little tote that's thrown in for free! 

Sound awesome? Yeah it is. 

Ok, but how do the clothes actually look and fit? I'm so glad you asked! I got behind the camera and had my beautiful friend Ashley try out The Basics Kit. (Side note: check out Ashley's amazing work as a content creator!) 

Here's what she selected for her kit:

  • Long sleeve: black (Size L) 
  • V-neck tee: earthy taupe (Size XL)
  • Leggings: black (Size M) 

For reference, Ashley is 5'9" and weighs about 175 pounds. We initially tried the leggings in large, but they were a little too big and the mediums fit better. 

Let's talk about material for a second, the leggings are so perfectly thick and stretchy, ideal for a morning of yoga or running errands! Ashley wore them both ways. We paired them with the v-neck tee for a comfy morning yoga vibe and then we cuffed them and added loafers and a denim jacket for an out-on-the-town-coffee-ready-look. 

We headed out for brunch and changed Ashley's look up by pairing the black long-sleeve shirt with jeans... and it was so chic! Ashley said she can't wait to wear this top to her new job since it can easily be worn professionally, and the material is so buttery soft.

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These basics are the sort of items that will take you from your earliest morning yoga session, to your errands, to the office, to a night out on the town!

They are quality foundational pieces that will layer beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe - whether your style is bold or neutral. 

I typically have a section at the end of each blog post saying who "should buy" an item and who "shouldn't buy" the item, but after thinking long and hard, I really believe Encircled's Basics Kit is a wise investment for any woman. Encircled's items are just that, an investment. They are not cheap, but from my experience wearing and washing their items for over a year, they are worth every penny. 


I was compensated by Encircled for my work of styling, photographing, and writing about their new product. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.