This Sustainable Brand Just Dropped a Genius Romper Set

My husband and I moved apartments last week, which gave me the chance to revisit every item that we own. While moving my closet, I made a shocking discovery: I currently don't own a single dress. Instead, I own a little collection of jumpsuits/rompers that each get worn on a regular basis. 

(Ok, perhaps that discovery isn't shocking sounding to you, but coming from a girl who used to wear a dress about every other day, it's fascinating to see just how far my style has evolved.) 

Jumpsuits/rompers are my new "dress." 

When I heard that one of my favorite ethical brands was creating a tencel romper I was so excited to learn more.

Then I found out it was a faux romper which creates so many more styling options. 

And then... I found out it's actually a three piece set comprised of a tank top, a pair of shorts, and a cropped pant. Glory hallelujah. 

I first was introduced to Encircled nearly two years ago and then reviewed some of their pieces (which have held up beautifully over time) and interviewed their founder, then I had the pleasure of styling a friend of mine in some of their basics. So, clearly, I've loved this brand for quite a while. But, I must say, this is easily my favorite garment that they've ever created! 

All three aspects of the romper are available in either black or olive green. I personally selected olive green because I already own a lot of black and wanted to add a bit more variety to my closet, but I think it's stunning in both colors.

Sustainable Ethical Faux Jumpsuit Review | Selflessly Styled

After wearing this virtual romper for the past two weeks, I think I've identified why I am so obsessed with it. 

The fabric

Crafted from 100% tencel this piece has a beautiful drape and is easy to dress up, however, it's still completely comfortable and breezy without looking "sporty." Another pro of this fabric is that it's super easy to wipe dog fur off of (which I highly value as a corgi owner!). It does wrinkle, but I rather like that natural look as it reminds me of linen. And, the wrinkles can easily be steamed out if you prefer! 

The fit

Both the pants and the shorts have a comfortable elastic waistband that allows for some size fluctuation and sit nicely at the waist. The boxy top is everything you want a boxy top to be: flattering, not too billowy, and has a feminine v-neck. 

The freedom

I've been tremendously enjoying mixing these pieces with other items from my closet. From wearing the top with high waisted jeans, pairing the pants with a knit tank top, and styling the shorts with a striped shirt... these items truly have integrated seamlessly into my wardrobe. Encircled shows how you can pair this with five basics you likely already own and create eighteen different looks!

How to wear Encircled's virtual romper.jpg

Who should buy this

Women who are ready to invest in a long-term item for their wardrobe will benefit from this set. It's the type of set that you keep reinventing every time you wear it, or you can keep it easy and wear it as an actual romper to take the mental work out of outfit planning!


Who shouldn't buy this

I am really struggling with this. I think this truly could be a wonderful addition to anyone's wardrobe. I could see the cropped pants being a bit too long on a more petite frame, but they could also be hemmed. 

Notes on sizing

I am wearing a size small and am 5' 8" 135 lbs. wearing a size small in all items and they fit wonderfully. 

Check out Encircled's admirable code of ethics and manufacturing practices on their website. It would take me a dozen blog posts to share all the ways this brand is getting it right. I respect them in every way. 

I was compensated by Encircled for my work of styling, photographing, and writing about their new product. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Sustainable Ethical Faux Jumpsuit Review | Selflessly Styled
Sustainable Ethical Faux Jumpsuit Review | Selflessly Styled