elevated basics that are ethically made (and I'm never taking off)

ethically made basic black tee

When it comes to building an intentional wardrobe, the best items to invest in are the ones you'll wear on a daily basis. It's worth taking the time to find basics that are sturdy and comfortable. Even a simple tee can make you feel confident and classy when it's made well. Free Label is a Canadian-based ethical brand that has perfected the art of "basics" in an amazingly sustainable way. 

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Free Label produces their clothing in small batches to eliminate waste, they only work with natural and sustainable fibers to create their fabrics, and they make all of their clothes locally in Canada to cut down on the gas emissions associated with transporting product. Because all of their clothes are made in Canada, they're able to closely monitor working conditions and ensure fair wages. They've truly thought through every aspect of their supply chain. 

In addition to being thoughtful about how they make their clothes, Free Label is thoughtful about the design of each item. Take this black tee for example.

It has a flattering length that is accentuated by slits up the side of the shirt that allow for maximum movement. The fabric drapes easily on any body type, and the subtle high low hem adds a flattering shape. 

Did I mention that it's the most comfortable tee I've ever worn? 

There's something wonderful about a shirt that let's you forget you're even wearing a shirt because it's just that soft and moveable. While the fabric is sturdy, it's not too bulky, so you could easily tuck the shirt into pants or a skirt for a more polished look. 

As much as I adore the shirt, I might be even more obsessed with the reversible bra I'm wearing underneath. 

When I hear something's reversible, I usually assume that it can be turned inside out to reveal a different fabric. That's not the case with this bra. This solid black beauty can be reversed by wearing it forwards or backwards for two entirely different looks. 

I wore it with the scoop neck in the front for a workout (Ok, let's be honest, I wasn't actually working out in these photos, but I have been wearing the bra for workouts all week!) and was supremely comfortable. The thick chest band provides plenty of support without digging into your skin like some sports bras do. 

Free Label black bra
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Because this bra is cut like a crop top, you can actually wear it out with high waisted pants or a skirt.

I flipped it around to have a low cut back and higher neckline, threw on a a black skirt, and BOOM date night look achieved! I would totally wear this with jeans for a more casual look as well. 

This bra is really one of those I-didn't-know-I-needed-it-until-I-tried-it pieces. It's absolutely brilliant and has put all the other sports bras I've tried to shame. I can't decide if I like it better as a crop top or workout piece, I guess I'll just keep wearing it both ways! 

I can't recommend Free Label enough, they are of such high quality, easy to care for, and clearly made with care. Keep in mind that prices on their website are listed in Canadian dollars which convert to lower prices in USD. 

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  • Cost: Andie Reversible Bra ($66 USD / $89 CAD) Johnny Tee ($62 USD / $62 CAD)
  • Made: ethically made in Canada
  • Where to Buy: online or in select stores 
  • Notes: I am 5'8" and wearing a size small in both tops. 

Who should buy this: Anyone looking for comfy basics with great details, will love these items. 

Who shouldn't buy this: Women who are bustier may not find the reversible bra supportive enough.

*This post was sponsored by Free Label. As with all product reviews, the brand was fully vetted by Selflessly Styled prior to collaboration and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are an accurate reflection of my experience with the product. I will always be honest with you!