from street style to sophisticated: the clothes that do it all

versatile black pants

Versatility is one of the most valuable attributes a piece of clothing can have. 

Items that can be worn multiple ways bring options to your wardrobe without bringing clutter. I'm always on the hunt for clothing that expands our style possibilities in a responsible way.

The Canadian brand Encircled has nailed it when it comes to creating comfortable versatile pieces. When I opened up my package from Encircled and tried on their dressy sweatpants and sleeveless tee I didn't want to take them off.

(So I didn't. I wore them all day!)

These are the sort of clothes that comfy dreams are made of. 

Read on to see why I'm so impressed...

Let's talk about the top first. I'm wearing it tucked in with this outfit, but I appreciate how long it is. I have a super long waist and the top comes all the way to my hips, which allows it to be worn with any style of pants. It's made of the softest fabric that is thick enough to be worn alone.

The high neckline is super flattering, and the cut accommodates both regular and racer back bras without showing straps. In cooler weather, this top makes the perfect layering piece as it lays seamlessly under sweaters or jackets. 

street style ethical clothing

Now, about these pants. Oh baby, am I in love!

I'll admit, I was skeptical when I read the term "dressy sweatpants" on Encircled's website. I've never been a fan of sweatpants on myself, but these are breaking all the stereotypes. I already knew the pants would look great in a casual outfit (like the one above), but I was less sure about dressing them up. All my doubts were put to rest the moment I slipped into them.

The design is a modern and flattering take on the classic harem pant. Unlike traditional harem pants, these beauties are cut in a way that avoids unwanted "poofing" around the hips and waist. They have a comfortable wide waistband that has a tiny pocket in the back. The stretchy ruching around the ankle can easily be pushed up your calf for a cropped style. 

black and white ethical classic clothing

Encircled goes into great detail about the fit, fabric, and styling possibilities for each item they make. Everything is hand-sewn right where it's designed in Toronto, Canada. The brand is passionate about creating pieces that allow women to own fewer things, especially women on the go! 

If you travel often, I would highly recommend investing in a pair of these pants as well as the comfy sleeveless top. Just imagine an outfit that keeps you comfy on the plane and looking instantly chic when you land! Sound too good to be true? Not anymore.

Like I said, these are the clothes that comfy dreams are made of. 

Although I can't speak on her behalf, I'm fairly certain that Audrey Hepburn would have worn these pants if they existed in her day. Chic without being stuffy. Perfect for movement and dancing. Accentuating the waist. Yep, that sounds like an Audry-item to me!

I'm planning on wearing both of these Encircled items on my next big trip, but in the meantime, you'll see me wearing them to the office, doing yoga, walking the dog, and out on a date. 

Hooray for versatility and a brand that is putting so much thought into the design of their clothing! 


Check out Encircled's other super innovative pieces and keep an eye on them when you're looking to add another staple to your wardrobe. 

grey sleeveless top and classic black pants

  • Made: ethically made in Canada
  • Cost: Pants ($148 USD) Sleeveless Tee ($58 USD)
  • Where to Buy: online only
  • Notes: I am 5'8" and wearing a size small in both items. There are super helpful sizing guides for each item on the website.  
grey sleeveless top

Who should buy this: Women who are all about comfort will adore these items! Those who travel often will especially appreciate the design and quality. 

Who shouldn't buy this: While the dressy sweats are supremely versatile, they may not be dressy enough for certain work environments. If you're in the market for professional clothes, you may have to look for something else.