A Closet-Changing Shoe: Bryr Clogs

I never thought that I'd hop on the clog train, but here I am...absolutely in love with a style of shoe that I'd once written off as outdated. Clogs have always been a favorite of those seeking comfort for tired toes, but recently they've resurfaced in fashionable styles that lend themselves to all manner of chic outfits.

Bryr clog review

Based in San Fransisco, Bryr creates beautiful versatile versions of this classic shoe. I've been eyeing their shoes for quite some time, and now I'm thrilled to share my experience with you:

My clogs arrived about a month ago and my first thought was "OH NO." I initially thought they were too small, but after a walking around for just a few minutes, I started to feel the leather stretch and shape to my foot. Just one day later, they fit like a glove! 

Bryr clogs

Over the past few weeks, I've worn these shoes in a variety of contexts and even spent a day walking around the city in them. In all honesty, they are just as comfortable as wearing flats. I'm blown away by how easy they are to walk in!

Aside from the comfort, these shoes are also worth investing in for the sheer versatility they bring to the closet. 

Wearing a summer dress to dance the night away? Pair it with Bryr clogs.

Throwing on shorts and a tank top to hit the beach? Slip into your Bryr clogs. 

Going for a casual look with boyfriend jeans? Complete the look with Bryr clogs. 

I haven't found a single outfit in my closet that doesn't look wonderful paired with these beauties. I regret not adding them to my wardrobe sooner!

Bryr epitomizes slow and responsible fashion. Every pair of clogs is made to order, so there is no waste of material. There's something magical about wearing a shoe that was made just for you. It sort of feels like being Cinderella... only instead of a glass slipper, you're wearing the most durable leather and wood that's been crafted into a feminine silhouette. You can choose from dozens of stunning styles and feel confident knowing that these shoes will quite literally last for years and years. 

bryr clog outfit

Purchasing a handmade clog is definitely an investment, but now that I've tried them myself, I truly believe that they're worth every single penny. I am extremely critical of items before recommending them to readers or clients. I asked myself all sorts of questions...

"Would I buy these for myself?" 

"Is the cost justified by the level of craftsmanship?"

"Does the item fit comfortably all day?"

"Is this something that will expand closet versatility?"

Each of these questions can be answered with an emphatic "Yes!" when it comes to Bryr. Go take a peek at their shoes and see for yourself how much value they could add to your wardrobe. 

clog outfit ideas

Who should buy this: The woman who wants a shoe that will last for years and years while being comfortable enough for daily use will adore Bryr clogs. 

Who shouldn't buy this: Those who are in a hurry may not want to wait for the month it takes to receive a custom pair of clogs. 

Thank you to Bryr for gifting these gorgeous clogs.