Change Beyond Textiles

Matter Prints

I didn’t used to think much about the brands I was wearing.

I didn’t used to having an emotional connection to the clothes in my closet beyond vanity or insecurity.

I certainly didn’t have my worldview shaped or educated by the fashion companies that I chose to represent.

Shopping consciously has changed that. Beyond changing where I shop, it has changed me. Every ethical brand that I learn about seems to teach me something new about the world.. or myself. MATTER Prints is a prime example of this.

They’ve recently articulated the heart behind their mantra: “Change Behind Textiles” and the final words of their thoughtful post rang so true to me:

“In a fast-paced fashion culture of profit and product there’s a growing community advocating for the opposite. When you look at the numbers it might seem difficult to make a dent in the norm, but if there’s anything we’ve learned in the last three years, it’s that great things are done by a series of small things brought together. For us it begins with this — Change Beyond Textiles.”

Great things truly are done by a series of small things brought together, and that also means they can only be accomplished when people are brought together in a unified effort. Stepping into conscious consumerism has slowly transformed me from a highly individualistic person to one who jumps at the chance to collaborate with anyone in the field. It’s melted away any lens of “competition” and freed me to fully embrace those who are working towards a common goal.

Change beyond textiles.

Earlier in their article, MATTER Prints speaks to the fact that they never intended to be a fashion brand. They began with their intention to preserve the work of artisans and built their brand around that. This made me smile as I thought back to my own beginnings in this field. I never intended to be a “fashion blogger.” To be honest, I’m still getting used to the title. I started writing to help bring awareness to this important cause and ended up needed to gain a whole new set of skills to further my effectiveness. Evaluating garments, modeling them, blogging about them, styling others… all of these skills had to be learned, and have stretched and challenged me to continue growing no matter how inadequate I may feel. Finding a purpose pushes us to step into uncharted territory.

Change beyond textiles.

When we wear clothes from brands like MATTER Prints, we find ourselves entering a thoughtful space that might just change us. The change begins with our closets, but spreads to our thought process, worldview… and as we do this together, our small series of changes might just come together to make a major dent in the world.

Cheers to change.

Thank you to Matter Prints for the gorgeous dress and for sponsoring this post! Matter Prints is one of my favorite ethical apparel brands, and I am always honored to wear one of their pieces!