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What I Wore Each Day in the Philippines

Before I left for the Philippines, I shared exactly what was in my backpack and now I’m sharing exactly what I wore each day! This was not a "fashion blogger” trip and I wasn’t focused on capturing daily outfits as much as I was being present in our experiences. Fortunately, there were some awesome photographers in my group that took more photos than I realized! So here you go!

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7 Things I Learned About Ethical Fashion in the Philippines

I’ve been home from the Philippines for nearly two weeks now. Within that timeframe, my framework for this blog post has shifted at least dozen different times. I’ve started multiple posts with contrasting viewpoints, I’ve lost sleep (ok, that part was mainly jet lag) while typing out rants on my iPhone notes, and I’ve tried to process the best way to articulate my experience not only to you, but also to myself.

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What I'm Packing for 10 Days in the Philippines

As I type this, I am literally just hours away from hopping on my flight to the Philippines for an incredible adventure! (Follow along on my social media if you want!) 

I'll be on the ground for 10 days and am only bringing a large backpack and a purse. Whew. Never thought I'd get to this level of streamlined packing! Stay tuned for the verdict on whether I overpacked, under-packed, or got it just right.

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