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7 Things I Learned About Ethical Fashion in the Philippines

I’ve been home from the Philippines for nearly two weeks now. Within that timeframe, my framework for this blog post has shifted at least dozen different times. I’ve started multiple posts with contrasting viewpoints, I’ve lost sleep (ok, that part was mainly jet lag) while typing out rants on my iPhone notes, and I’ve tried to process the best way to articulate my experience not only to you, but also to myself.

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What a Healthy Relationship with Your Clothes Looks Like

Have you thought about the relationship you have with your clothes? 

It affects you more than you may realize. Whether you consider yourself someone who is "into fashion" or not, you have a relationship with your clothes. You put them on every single day (at least I hope you do!), and they speak on your behalf to those around you before you even open your mouth. 

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Guest Post: What Grandma Taught Me

It’s 6am. My steaming cup of green tea is warming my hands after the quarter mile walk from my husband's childhood home to Grandma’s house. The cup is small, porcelain white with a hand painted peach on the side. It’s an old cup, but you won’t find a stain from use or time. Grandma puts the toast in the toaster, apologizing for not having something home made for us. We tell her toast is just fine, not to worry.

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Change Beyond Textiles

I didn’t used to think much about the brands I was wearing.

I didn’t used to having an emotional connection to the clothes in my closet beyond vanity or insecurity.

I certainly didn’t have my worldview shaped or educated by the fashion companies that I chose to represent.

Shopping consciously has changed that. Beyond changing where I shop, it has changed me.

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Managing Your Wardrobe When Your Weight Fluctuates

The weather starts to turn and I pull out my favorite pair of jeans. Slipping my feet through the legs, I begin to pull them up and suddenly feel that awful resistance. I fight for a full minute to coerce the jeans over my thighs and booty only to face another brutal battle when it comes to the zipper. 

I feel betrayed by the jeans, but that quickly turns into feeling betrayed by my own body. 

They used to fit. 

My body used to be acceptable to these jeans. 

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Going Deeper Than Ethical Fashion

When I stepped into this field, I was solely focused on the social justice aspect of fashion. I was (and am) determined to empower consumers to redirect their purchases in order to transform the industry. As I've dialogued with readers and clients, I've become keenly aware that there are aspects of "healthy fashion" that go much deeper than purchasing from ethical brands. 

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why we keep shopping when we have enough clothes

Most of us have enough clothes. Most of us have more than enough clothes. Many of us actually have too many clothes for our closets. 

Yet we still flock to stores weekend after weekend to purchase new items for ourselves. 

So why do we keep shopping? 

Everyone is different, but these are some common reasons I've found myself and others doing unnecessary shopping... and some healthy alternatives to put into practice as we shift our habits.

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