Brass button up: easy, chic, ethical

classic style uniform white shirt

One question I get a lot in regards to ethical fashion is where to find office-appropriate clothing. Whether you work in a traditional office or not, finding a brand that carries classic styles instead of trend-driven pieces is always a win. I'm excited to introduce you to Brass, an ethical brand that is making chic easy (and ethical) for ladies of all body types. 

Brass takes the ethical production of their garments very seriously, in fact they have an entire page on their website dedicated to showing you the factories that they work with. Considering the ethical production and high quality materials that they use, Brass also keeps the price point really low for consumers. 

When I found their website, I was drawn to their motto of "We make chic easy."

How do they do this?

In their own words, "We design the perfect foundational pieces for your capsule wardrobe. We believe a capsule wardrobe – 20 to 30 pieces that can be easily mixed and matched – is the key to looking chic with ease."

I really love that Brass highlights real women wearing their clothes wherever they can. For example, the button down blouse that I'm reviewing in this post has multiple photos showing women of different sizes rocking it. It makes it so much easier to predict how a garment will fit you when you can see it on more than one body type online! 

Ok, so you get that I love this brand. What about the shirt itself? 

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For me, a white button up is such a timeless staple. There's a few reasons that I specifically love how Brass has designed theirs. The cut is flattering and drapey without being boxy. The material is easy to care for (machine washable) and resists wrinkling. Even the buttons are well thought out! This shirt features mother of pearl buttons which takes it to the next level of classiness. 

white blouse button up ethical
white button up blouse style jeans
weekend style white shirt

I wore it all day and was supremely comfortable. I dressed it down for a casual morning with black jeans, boots, and rolled up sleeves. Later that day, we were getting ready to go out to a show, so I tucked it in, added a necklace and some red lipstick for a dressier vibe. 

The fabric is thick enough to be worn alone, but thin enough to be layered under a sweater if desired. I'm looking forward to wearing this more and exploring all of its many styling possibilities! 

For my office-working-ladies, I would 100% recommend adding this blouse to your work wardrobe. You can also wear it after work and feel absolutely chic.

weekend style casual white shirt
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  • Cost: $85 USD
  • Made: ethically made in China
  • Where to Buy: online or in Boston
  • Notes: I am 5'8" and wearing a size small. 
weekend style white shirt
comfortable white blouse button up

Who should buy this: The professional woman or chic fashionista will adore this top. 

Who shouldn't buy this: If you're in a line of work that's messy or tend to be home with kiddos a lot, a cream blouse is a risky move.