Berlin Skin: Sustainable Skin Care For The Modern Minimalist

Berlin Skin | Selflessly Styled Review
Berlin Skin | Selflessly Styled Review

I'm pretty strict about keeping the focus of my posts to ethical and sustainable fashion, so you'd better believe it takes an extraordinary brand and product to earn its own non-fashion feature on the blog. 

For some, skin care is a sort of hobby... face masks come out for girl's night, but skin care can also be skipped when things get busy.

For others, skin care is essential... one lazy night of forgetting to remove makeup results in a week of breakouts.

I fall into that second camp. My skin troubles surfaced at a young age. Growing up in the hot and dusty desert didn't do my skin any favors; although my mom helped me try several different skin care regimes, none of them could give me the healthy skin they promised. I think part of the reason for that was because those products were less skin care and more skin "war." You see, so many of the products that promise to cure acne and balance oily skin are full of harsh chemicals that end up irritating sensitive skin. 

Even after leaving my teen years, breakouts continued to come with almost painful predictability. To make matters worse, these breakouts left behind scars (though I'm not entirely a blameless victim when it comes to that - I definitely poked and prodded at blemishes when I shouldn't have).

Then one day, I tried Berlin Skin.

My friend Monica (who was interviewed last year on Selflessly Styled!) created an incredibly effective and natural sustainable skin care line. She gave me a sample over a year ago and I was instantly amazed. Remember earlier when I mentioned that it felt like the products I was using on my skin were actually fighting against my skin? Well, Berlin Skin was the first regime I'd ever tried that actually felt tangibly nourishing on my face.

Berlin Skin | Selflessly Styled Review

I used to think I had to choose between an effective moisturizer and one that wouldn't clog my pores. Berlin Skin's Sandalwood Cream has proved that I can have both! It's specifically designed to firm and clear even the most sensitive or oily skin. It honestly is unlike any facial cream I've ever tried, and I plan to use it for life. 

I'm also obsessed with their Coconut Aloe Cleanser and Geranium + Rose Toner. I use a charcoal sponge with the cleanser to gently exfoliate and help remove makeup (my skin requires more exfoliation than most), and I love setting my makeup with the toner. While we were traveling this summer, I would spritz my face with it after a long flight for a quick refresh! 

Berlin Skin | Selflessly Styled Review

While Berlin Skin keeps their product line slim and minimal, they have introduced a few other products that have proven to be as luxurious as their core line (the core line being cleanser, toner and moisturizer).

They offer a thick Cocoa Eye Butter that is perfect for giving some extra love to the delicate skin around your eyes. After just a week of applying it around my eyes at night, I noticed that some of the fine lines had vanished. I've been using the same jar for about 9 months and am not even close to half way finished with it!

There's also a decadent Matcha Honey Mask for when your skin needs some serious rejuvenation. As if that wasn't enough to entice you over to their website, Berlin Skin's latest product is a unisex nutrient-packed potent Black Spruce Body Oil that smells absolutely heavenly and instantly softens the skin. 

All of the products are sustainably crafted in small batches right here in the U.S. and come in the most beautiful glass containers.

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Berlin Skin: Selflessly Styled Review

Now let me be clear, I don't magically have perfect skin all of a sudden. I'm still dealing with old scars (which are fading thanks to Berlin Skin), and I still breakout if I eat certain food groups like sugar and dairy. However, my skin is a thousand times happier than it ever has been. When I'm eating right, it actually stays clear for the first time in my life! You can't put a price on a product that does that. 

No matter what your age, or what your skin type, I can't recommend Berlin Skin enough. Consider spoiling a loved one with a stocking stuffer that will give their skin the royal treatment this Christmas...

You can try their products at 20% off using promo code SELFLESSLYSTYLED.