Adriana Marina: founder of Animaná

Adriana Marina was born in Puerto Santa Cruz in Patagonia. She was raised in an amazing environment among sheep, horse rodeos and the sound of nature in its purest form. Aiming to make a deep contribution with her vision of local development and globalization, she understands that the complex world of fashion and design has a huge impact yet to be discovered.

We need to understand and experience the gigantic role fashion plays in society. However, it shows two very contradictory sides: glamour and beauty, yet slavery and contamination.
— Adriana Marina

What sets Animanå apart from other companies?

The main characters we focus on are the artisans. Masters of the art that hold in their hands both wisdom and ancestral secrets of their trade. We firmly believe the time has come for us, as consumers, to start listening to them.

Through Animaná our goal is to create a social business and an alternative production process with a variation in consumption for the fashion industry. These are the goals we need to face: to build constructive projects respecting nature’s processes and the natural and human resources of the world, to build firms for the people, that involve all of us in a dream. Animaná is the constructive union between thousands of hands working together to build a unique platform.

How do you ensure ethical treatment of workers and A sustainable Production process?

All our production processes are transparent, which allows the final consumer to know who made their clothes, where, with which fibers and how long took to the artisan to produce it. We not only guarantee the ethical treatment of the artisans but we give them the tools for them to work in an independent way, being able to reproduce their lives in a sustainable way through the use of their traditional knitting techniques. 

We organize workshops between artisans and different professionals to improve their capacity of working in high luxury international markets, adding value to the designs not only with the use of natural fibers but also giving value to their own personal work.

What is your personal strategy for an ethical wardrobe?

My main strategy is not buying too many clothes but buying less and being sure about the fibers, productions processes of the brands I purchase from, etc. 

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Through the years, we have seen many communities of artisans being able to support themselves and their families without having to travel to cities to work in major industries. We have seen how many women are able to recover their traditional knitting techniques and use that knowledge to bring a positive message to the world. 

From the marketplace, our customers are constantly giving us the strength we need by supporting our dream of building another way of thinking about fashion. Positive feedback and loyalty through the years incentivize us to continue on this path.

Looking back in history, we’ll see the origins of fashion portray the character of a world built by manual techniques and natural fibers. Design was carried out as a reflection of culture and society. These are images of an extinct world we need to recover.
— Adriana Marina

Is there anything you wish more consumers understood about their purchases?

We would like for consumers to think about all the hand and lives involved in each of the clothes they’re wearing. Thinking about the fibers they are using, not only for the health of their skin and bodies, but also for the environment. 

Do you have a favorite Animanå product to wear?

My personal favorite garment is our Ayekan shawl. Made 100% with baby alpaca it’s a super soft and light shawl, very easy to combine with outfits and perfect for all occasions.

What can we expect to see from Animanå in the coming years?

We are focussing on growing our commercial department. Building long term relationships with our customer is the key for Animaná to keep growing. We have many projects to implement globally and locally, but we need to keep growing commercially to support them. 

Where can customers find your products?

Our website address is: 

We have a retail boutique in Paris, located just half a block away from the famous Bon Marché: 

16, Rue St. Placide Sain Germain de Prés 75006 – Paris France (Tues.-Sat 11-7)

For wholesale customers, we work with sales agents so we can arrange meetings and show samples. 

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