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I'm excited about every brand that is featured on Selflessly Styled, but I won't pretend that I don't have favorites. If you've followed me for any length of time, you likely have picked up on the fact that I really adore both MATTER and Miakoda. These brands exist on quite literally opposite sides of the world (MATTER based in Singapore and Miakoda calls New York home), and yet, as if by some magical force, they have partnered up to create a small collection together. 

I honestly gasped with glee when I learned they were collaborating. 

MATTER x MIAKODA reviewed by Selflessly Styled

I've raved about Miakoda's oversized hoodie for years, rock their backless jumpsuit at least once a week, and am currently on a mission to convince their founders to come hang out with me in Portland. My love affair with MATTER is no less passionate. In fact, as I write this, I am wearing the two-piece jumpsuit that I wore to Portland's Sustainable Fashion Forum this spring, and their genius one-piece jumpsuit design that allows you to pee without getting half-naked continues to be one of my favorite pieces.

The collection between the two brands includes a selection of loungewear styles: The Robe, The Bodysuit, and The Bralette, crafted for comfort and confidence. Each and every one of the styles was curated with intention from Miakoda’s signature silhouettes and these pieces are our intimates for your everyday.

I had the privilege of testing out the robe from this collection, which is natural dyed to a dusty pink from the common madder plant. I've been wearing the piece for a couple weeks now, and I keep styling it as a duster even though it's marketed as a robe! Ah, the beauty of versatility. 

The material is just perfect for a warm-weather layering piece. On cool summer evenings, I toss this light cotton piece over my outfit as I head out to take Pip on a walk. The wind catches it and it billows behind me like a regal cape, but the moment stillness settles, the garment relaxes back to a flattering drape. 

This dusty pink is the one hue of pink that is welcome in my neutral wardrobe and the subtle print, referred to as "Avarta," adds intrigue without being too noisy. I was fascinated to learn about the inspiration being the pattern and want to share it directly with you:

"Inspiration for the Avarta motif struck when we were visiting Khushiram, our fifth generation blockprinting artisan, at his workshop. We were taking our second chai break (a regular occurrence in India), when we noticed the afternoon sunlight filtering through the patterned window grills, leaving shifting shadows in its wake. It was this duality of light and dark that captured us, and led to the design of the Avarta print. Short for 'Avartana', it is the Sanskrit term alluding to the time when the sun begins to cast shadows towards the east - a name befitting of its inspiration."

Ethical Minimal Style for Everyday | Selflessly Styled
Ethical Minimal Style for Everyday | Selflessly Styled

Every bit of this garment is beautiful. From the story behind the pattern to the way it's produced with such care, from the color and cut to the collaboration between two female-run brands that work day after day to make the garment industry safer for people and our planet. 

Make sure you're following MATTER and Miakoda on social media and keep an eye out for the official launch of this collaborative collection tomorrow (Monday, July 9th) evening. 

Ethical Minimal Style for Everyday | Selflessly Styled
Ethical Minimal Style for Everyday | Selflessly Styled