A Day In My Life

ethical outfit planning

I was thrilled when Matter Prints asked me to share a day in my life with all of you! In addition to running Selflessly Styled, I also work as the Marketing Coordinator for an amazing ethical brand called Sseko Designs. As you'll see in this post, my days are pretty full. Wearing something versatile and comfortable like this dress from Matter makes it easy to go from home, to work, to a date night out without having to change my whole outfit. I styled my dress with white sneakers for the work day (my office is pretty casual) and dressed it up with heeled clogs for a date night! Read on to see these looks and find out what my day looks like...

5:15am - After hitting the "snooze" button once or twice, I wake myself up with some morning yoga or a light workout. I'm a huge fan of Tone It Up for a quick but effective sweat session. As a reward for working out, I enjoy a cup of matcha as I get ready for the day. I have my (ethical) outfit picked out already for maximum morning efficiency! 

6am - Breakfast is an absolute must for me! I munch on something fresh while I catch up on emails and messages. 


7am - I kiss my husband goodbye, pat Pip (our corgi) on the head, and brace myself for Portland traffic. I enjoy getting to the office early to make some tea and settle in for a productive day. 

8am - My work day at Sseko Designs begins! Every day looks different, and I'm definitely never bored. This week has been busy with photoshoots, catalogue layout, prepping for our upcoming line, and ongoing upkeep of our website and social media! I love it all and work with the best coworkers on earth. 

productive work day as a blogger
ethical outfit for summer

12pm -  Most days I'm so busy that I eat lunch at my desk, but occasionally I'll walk to a nearby food cart for a bite to eat. I'm spoiled with so many delicious options nearby! 

1pm - It's back to work for the afternoon and I'm always shocked at how quickly the time goes by. Usually I'm still "in the zone" getting a project done when 5pm rolls around. 

6:30pm - I come home to my best friend in the world, my sweet husband Jordan. (Oh, and Pip!) If we don't have plans to have people over for dinner (tacos are always on the menu at our house), we might go out for a dinner date together. One of our current faves in Portland is Oven & Shaker, their pizza is to die for! 

ethical outfit Matter Prints
Matter Prints

7:30pm - After spending some quality time together,  Jordan and I will put on Netflix in the background (usually The Office) and do some more work. For me, this means editing photos, researching or writing blog posts, chatting with styling clients, catching up on social media, etc. 

Often, my husband will whip up one of his fancy cocktails for me while I'm hustling. Can't complain about that! 

10pm - I try to get everything prepped for the next day... I make lunches, plan an outfit, and set specific goals. Jordan and I are both neat-freaks so we do dishes, laundry and straighten up anything laying out before calling it a night. 

11pm - If I have time, my favorite way to unwind is a nice long bath. Then it's lights out! 

Thank you to Matter Prints for the gorgeous dress and for sponsoring this post! Matter Prints is one of my favorite ethical apparel brands, and I am always honored to wear one of their pieces!