Brocade Corte Clutch by Lost in Samsara

Happy Saturday, friends! (If you're reading this on a different day, happiness to you too.) 

I need to talk to you about this clutch by Lost in Samsara... it's pretty wonderful. 

First of all, if you haven't already read it, check out my interview with the founders of Lost in Samsara to hear about their vision for the marketplace. They work tirelessly to ensure that artisans around the world are given the opportunity to sell their masterpieces at a fair price. To be totally honest with you, I actually started crying when I was reading their blog and came across the stories of some of the workers who have been given a fresh chance at life. The money that you put towards one of their products is truly going back into the lives of those who are working hard to support their families in developing countries. 

Ok, now that you know how amazing this company is, let's talk specifically about the clutch. I've used it almost every time I've gone out this week and consistently received compliments on it.

  • The design of the clutch is classic enough that it goes with a huge variety of outfits, yet the colorful weave adds a fun and interesting element. 
  • I wish the photos were scratch 'n sniff so that you could smell the genuine leather goodness. Trust me, it's amazing.
  • The weaving is flawless and it's without a doubt the best-quality clutch I've ever owned.

I can recommend this without reservation and think it would make a perfect gift.(I won't be giving mine away though, I'm too in love with it!) 

  • Cost: £65.00 (which is about $80 USD)
  • Makers: Lost in Samsara partners with Maya Traditions Foundation in Guatemala to create this clutch. The purchase of this clutch provides living wages, supports literacy programs, artisan development programs, community health programs, and youth scholarships in Guatemala. 
  • Where to Buy: Shop online in Lost in Samsara's marketplace