comfy pants creating crucial jobs: Sudara

Last month a dear friend told me about Sudara, as I researched their mission and saw their gorgeous pants I knew this was a company that I could get really excited about. I think you will too...

Let’s get right down to it: No human being should be owned by anyone, anywhere, for any reason- ever. It really is that simple.

— Sudara

Sudara specifically focuses on empowering women in India to remain free from sex slavery.

Since 2006, Sudara has provided safe employment to over 300 women who are working to remain free from the grim alternative. Beyond that, it's estimated that about 500 children have directly benefitted from the employment of their mothers in Sudara's sewing centers. These families are provided with fair wages, access to medical care and job training which created pathways to other vocations in the future. 

I am so impressed with the research this company has put into breaking the cycle of poverty in very practical ways. 

Besides investing in an amazing cause, purchasing Sudara pants is an investment in your wardrobe. 

Believe it or not, I don't own any sweatpants. I don't like how grungy I feel when I wear them. These give me the comfort of sweatpants with enough style to make me feel put together. I received my pair  a few weeks ago and I have worn them every day since.

Perfect for an invigorating morning of yoga or a lazy evening of Netflix, these pants have a flattering fit that is versatile enough to be worn out on the town or tucked in your bed. 

  • Cost: $54 USD
  • Makers: Women in India who are working to remain free from sex slavery 
  • Where to Buy: online only 
  • Notes: I recommend buying the "tall" option, I am 5' 8" and ordered a size Small/Tall. When they came they were a little long, but I washed my pants on cold and they shrunk up a little bit, now they fit  perfectly. 
Sudara Pants
Sudara Pants
Sudara Pants

Who should buy this: Gals who are all about comfort will adore these pants! 

Who shouldn't buy this: Ladies who already have lots of loungewear.