pumped up (ethical) kicks for her

Here’s to chasing your dreams in the cutest pair of shoes you own.
— unknown

When I first decided to shop ethically, I had a real fear that I would be restricted to wearing handwoven sandals for the rest of my life. (Nothing against handwoven sandals, but a girl needs to have some options.)

To my surprise and delight, I've discovered several amazing brands that offer high-quality, stylish kicks that'll get me where I need to go while making the world a better place. 

Without further adieu, meet your new favorite shoes...

Keep in mind, a well made leather boot is going to cost you significantly more than a simple sandal, but it will last you for years!

(Starting at the top from left to right...)

1. Nisolo booties 

2. Sseko Slide Sandals 

3. Nisolo Flats 

4. Ethletic High Tops

5. Keep Company High tops

6. Keep Company Low Tops 

7. The Root Collective Flats

8. Etiko Sneakers

9. Nisolo Sandals

10. Nisolo Oxfords

11. Inkka Slip Ons

12. Fortress of Inca Booties