5 things you need to do to make ethical shopping easier on yourself

So, you're shopping ethically now? 

*high five*


 I am seriously so proud of you. 

I know firsthand that adopting new shopping habits is hard,

so I wanted to share 5 quick tips that have helped me hugely! 

1. Take your measurements

You may have already realized that a lot of ethical brands are online-only. Don't let that scare you! I used to be so nervous about ordering the wrong size until I finally took my measurements. Most companies offer a sizing guide on their website that make it super easy to match the measurements with your own. 

2. Get comfortable with different currencies

I was really surprised at how many ethical brands I've found internationally. I've ordered from the UK and am getting ready to purchase something from India. These brands will typically list prices in their national currency, but you can easily google the conversion to find out what it will cost you in US dollars. Sometimes you have to sign for delivery when it's an international shipment, but that's not so bad. (I wasn't home for my last one, and all I had to do was go to the post office to pick it up after I missed the delivery.) 

3. Shop at the end of the season

When you're being thoughtful about your closet, you don't have to be rushed into buying everything the moment it's in season. Plan ahead. Buy classic pieces that will still be in style when the appropriate season rolls around again. Right now there are ton of end-of-summer-sales going on that you can take advantage of for basics like tees to wear next summer.

4. Check for sign-up savings

Often, the first time you visit a brand's website they'll offer you 10% off or $10 off as an incentive to sign up for their newsletter. Always take it! You can unsubscribe later! 

5. Refer your friends

Just like offering sign-up incentives, lots of companies offer referral perks. If you really love a product, don't just tell someone verbally - share your customized link with them and get a little reward! 


DISCLAIMER: These are just some "convenience tips" and I am well aware that one of the biggest obstacles to shopping ethically is the price tag. I'll be sharing more strategies for shopping consciously on a budget soon!