5 Unexpected Perks of Shopping Ethically

While most conscious consumers choose to purchase ethically for selfless reasons, that doesn't mean that ethical shopping is entirely sacrificial. I've found some benefits to changing my shopping habits that are pretty wonderful... 

1. Saving a ton of time

Although it may take longer to hunt for a specific item, I've found that I spend way less time shopping these days. I'm not a slave to sales anymore, and I don't rush to the mall every time a new trend hits the style blogs. Being more thoughtful has helped me waste less shopping hours! 

2. The adorable packaging

Ok, this may not be a big deal to everyone, but I'm a sucker for good packaging. I've noticed that purchasing from smaller more thoughtful companies results in receiving the most delightful packages. Often, my purchases are even accompanied with a hand written note! I mean, who wouldn't want that sort of thoughtfulness?! 

3. Better-made items

Ethical/sustainable companies produce high quality items. It's as simple as that. I've noticed that the clothing I buy from these brands has better design that lasts longer than "fast fashion" companies that pump out massive amounts of cheaply made pieces. 

4. Finding my style 

When you are purchasing thoughtfully, you really start to discover your personal style. My style used to be all over the board, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how shopping ethically has helped me narrow down what pieces are really "me" vs. just following a trend. 

5. Saving money (what?!) 

Ok, shopping for fair-trade items costs more sometimes BUT when you shop using fast fashion habits, you end up spending more than you realize! I used to buy so many things I didn't even love just because they were "such a good deal." I spend slightly less money now on clothes than I did when I thought I was being "thrifty" by loading up during sales at H&M or Target.