the trick to not getting bored with your minimal wardrobe

Some people are drawn to the idea of wearing the same uniform everyday. If that's you, then you probably have no problem with the idea of a small "capsule" or minimal wardrobe. However, many of us get bored with the predictability of what most capsule wardrobes look like these days.

When I first simplified my closet, the items that I kept reflected what Pinterest told me I needed...

  • striped tee 
  • black skinny jeans 
  • oversized grey sweater 
  • light boyfriend jeans 
  • black tank top 
  • army green jacket
  • nude pumps

On paper I had a really great wardrobe. But in reality, I ended up hating it pretty quickly. I loved the aspect of having less options to choose from, but I didn't actually like the options I'd given myself.

My husband would joke that my "perfect capsule" would never actually be complete because I always seemed to be hunting for "one more item" to round it out. I was so confused. According to Pinterest my closet was exactly what a minimal wardrobe should look like: mostly neutral, basic cuts, etc. 

Then I stumbled across a brand that completely changed the way I view capsule/minimal wardrobes:


Vetta is an ethical brand that creates mini capsule wardrobes made up of five versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a month's worth of outfits. These photos show how they've styled their five fall/winter pieces into thirty different looks.

Vetta Capsule
Vetta Capsule
Vetta Capsule

Check out their website to see their spring/summer capsule and get lots of inspiration from their blog. I haven't personally purchased clothing from Vetta yet, but I'm already so in love with the brand.

So why am I telling you about them? 

Look at those photos. None of those outfits are predictable or basic in the slightest. Vetta opened my eyes to the potential of a capsule wardrobe that can be truly stylish instead of getting stuck in a rut of combining pieces that mix well because they have no personality of their own. 

Seeing Vetta's innovative approach to capsules gave me the push I needed to bring some color and life back into my closet. I gave myself "permission" to once again explore patterns and blush tones that I'd written off when I started my journey towards minimalism. I still love neutrals, but I actually enjoy the variety of clothes in my tiny wardrobe now! My clothes now accurately reflect me as a whole person instead of only reflecting me as a minimalist. 

I'll be honest with you, creating a small closet of clothing that you actually love wearing and won't quickly grow bored with takes time and intention

I think this is part of the reason that many capsule wardrobes online are so similar and bland; it's much quicker and easier to structure your closet exactly like a minimal blogger that you follow than to think through all the elements that go into designing a closet that fits your true style and needs. 

Closets (even capsule closets) are not one-size-fits-all. 

The trick to creating the "perfect capsule" is taking the time to find what makes your style unique and then determining what pieces reflect that in a cohesive way. 

Does that sound scary and confusing? 

I got your back! 

In addition to continuing to provide you resources and tips on Selflessly Styled, I am now offering closet consultations to assist women through the process of identifying their style, minimizing their closet, creating a plan to strategically move forward based on their budget and lifestyle, and much more.

Detailed info will be on the website soon, but if you are interested in scheduling a consultation right now shoot me an email and we'll chat!